About Us - Founded in December 2007, its headquarters is located in the bustling leisure Plaza in central Hengshui, the central garden business circle, with convenient transportation and excellent environment. A total of 95 employees, the company registered capital of thousand million yuan, the total assets of 100 million yuan, the company has five consecutive national "100 best agricultural" honorary title; 2012 national agricultural circulation enterprise comprehensive competitiveness ranking sixty-fourth; China Agricultural Circulation Association governing unit; national chemical fertilizer low season reserve and storage enterprises. In 2016, the company sold 196 thousand tons of fertilizers and sales revenue of 650 million yuan. The company invested 15 million yuan in 2010 to set up Jizhou Jiahe chemical fertilizer Co., Ltd., equipment production capacity: (Mannheim law) 20 thousand tons of potassium sulphate, 50 thousand tons of BB fertilizer, 30 thousand tons of extrusion granulation. The company invested 30 million yuan in 2013 to set up Dezhou Jiahe chemical fertilizer Co., Ltd., the equipment production capacity: 100 thousand tons of compound fertilizer, 50 thousand tons of BB fertilizer, 50 thousand tons of granulating. In Hengshui, Hengshui, Jingxian County, Jizhou self built warehouse, 35 thousand square meters, can store 70 thousand tons of chemical fertilizer, own daily loading and unloading, logistics capacity more than 2000 tons. We also set up warehousing and sales centers in Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Cangzhou, Xingtai and Dezhou to reduce the logistics radius and facilitate customer service. The company maintains close cooperation with the superior enterprises in the field of chemical fertilizer production and circulation, Guizhou Weng Fu Group, middle farmer holding, medium chemical fertilizer and potash fertilizer in Saline Lake, thus ensuring the quality of the company's products and the regularization of the channel. The company takes the service of "three rural issues" as its purpose, and focuses on creating "Jiahe yuan" chain brand, with the aim of promoting agricultural production and increasing farmers' income. In order to better serve the "three rural", our company also set up a agricultural science and technology service group of Hengshui agricultural expert and researcher Comrade Wang Yuduo to provide professional scientific farming knowledge. At present, 3000 mu of land has been transferred to create high yield of wheat and maize. Our company, adhering to the management concept of "integrity, standard, innovation and development", based on the large market of agricultural capital circulation, exerts the four advantages of resources, capital, management and brand, and optimizes the logistics system through integrating marketing channels, with "headquarters, terminal marketing network, farmer friend, distribution center to big farmers" Lock marketing way to carry out business work, zero distance services for the vast number of farmers. Our company actively constructs a perfect marketing network system, high quality agricultural products, fast and efficient first-class service, for the development of China's agriculture to contribute its own strength. Hengshui Jiahe agricultural material is willing to cooperate sincerely with friends both at home and abroad. We look forward to your presence and joint development. Main products: Yunnan Tianhua international "three ring" brand series products, wweng Weng Fu Group Weng Fu brand series products, self produced "Jia He source, Mei Ning" brand potassium sulfate, BB fertilizer, compound fertilizer and other products; self produced enterprise standard "full nutrition ecological fertilizer, large grain nitrogen fertilizer, sulfur zine treasure". And various kinds of urea, potassium sulfate, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate and so on.

Company Profile:

Business TypeTrading Company
Business CategoriesInorganic Chemicals
Product RangeAmmonium chloride and ammonium chloride, 23%~25% nitrogen. Ammonia chloride is generally stable in nature, its volatility and decomposition are smaller than carbon ammonia and ammonia water, transportation, storage and use of carbon ammonia and ammonia water, convenient and safe. Potassium sulfate and compound fertilizer were produced by low temperature conversion of potassium chloride, chemical synthesis and shotcrete process. The stability of the compound fertilizer was good. Besides the three main nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, there were other trace elements. Ammonium sulfate fertilizer is a widely used inorganic soil supplement, composition of N is larger than 20.5-21%, especially suitable for alkaline soil. Its active ingredients are nitrogen and sulfur. The correct use of this fertilizer can maintain the nitrogen level in the soil, and can help to improve the pH balance of alkaline soil, ammonium sulfate effect is higher than ammonium chloride, ammonium carbonate, urea and other nitrogen fertilizer.
CountryChina (Mainland)
Contact PersonEvelyn
AddressHengshui Central Garden Commercia
Postal Code053000