Aromatic (C9) petroleum resin

Brief Description
CAS No.: 68131-77-1 Other Names: C9 resin EINECS No.: 265-116-8
Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Road marking ... Purity: C5/C9
Appearance: yellow granular Application: Adhesive/ Rubber/ hot melt road ma... Brand Name: premtec
Model Number: hot color 10: yellow granular 
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:25kg bags
Delivery Detail:within 7-10 days upon receipt your T/T or L/C
Aromatic (C9) petroleum resin

petroleum resin c5 c9 is transparent and light yellow granular,Mainly used for Paint ,Printing Ink ,Coatingand Rubber etc.

Product Name:petroleum resin c5 c9

Cas No.: 68131-77-1


C9 Petroleum Resin :
Character: It is aromatic hydrocarbon resin, light yellow granular, with good transparency and luster, good solubility, compatibility, aqueous stability, insulation and chemical stability, and with good adhesiveness and heat conductivity.

1. Coating production: Used in paint and reinforced latex coating, also applied in oil soluble coating. 2. Rubber treatment: Used as adhesion booster.
3. Adhesive production: Used in adhesive, especially for melting glue and pressure-sensitive glue.
4. Printing ink production: It can be dissolved in hydrocarbon resin, it owns high soft point and stable performance, so it can be used in ink.
5. Paper making industry: Used in paper sizing agent.
6. Other application; Used as oil field water treatment agent & slurry additives, pitch modified agent.


Storage: Keep it in cool, breezy warehouse, avoid direct sun.




Color (in 50% Toluene)

from No 3 to No.6

 Soften Point (DC)

80-90;100+/-5;110+/-5;120+/-5;130+/-5;over 130 

 Acid value (mgKOH/g)


 Iodine value (g I2/100g)


 Ash value

0.1% max. 

PH value