Automatic spray paint

Brief Description
CAS No.: 22 Other Names: Automatic spray paint MF: 22
EINECS No.: 2002 Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland) Main Raw Material: Nitrocellulose
Usage: Appliance Paint, Building Coating, Car P... Application Method: Spray State: Liquid Coating
Brand Name: Dongkai Model Number: 728 
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:net weight:160g
Delivery Detail:30 days after receiving 30% deposit.
Automatic spray paint

Green environmental protection
This product is made of imported thermoplastic acrylic resin and advanced paint-manufacturing te

Automatic spray paint

This product is made of imported thermoplastic acrylic resin and advanced paint-manufacturing technology;it has excellent comprehensive performance of simple construction, excellent atomization,full paint film,weatherability ,hardness,flexibility,impact resistance,strong adhesion,lasting color.Using for coating interior /exterior wood,steel, aluminium, galvanized steel and other metal surfaces. 

Product characteristics

This product is a high-performance anti-corrosion materials. The use of high purity zinc powder, the combination of electric zinc and zinc coatings advantages, to provide more excellent than the general zinc-rich paint cathodic protection ability, combined with good barrier protection function, can obtain excellent anti corrosion performance, on a variety of harsh environment has good adaptability and flexibility, excellent recoating performance, construction, easy repair, a simple brush, can achieve " galvanized".

Instructions for use

The 1 surface treatment: the new smooth surface, sand blasting to clean degree Sa2.5or reach the roughness Rz40~ 70UM; have been coated non galvanized paint surface should be completely removed from the original film, after the clean, and polishing to St3level; on the paint painted or galvanized surface, the surface of dust, oil dirt, zinc salt and loose layer clean, polished and rough. The 2single component without activation time limit, according to the construction method to add a thinner diluted, fully mixing evenly. 3: coating with high pressure airless spraying ( dilution ratio5~ 10% ); air spray; brush ( dilution ratio0~ 5% ). 4 is the smallest coating interval: its coated one hour, coated with other finish of 20hours.

Widely used for building & decoration.


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