Barium Titanate (Batio3) Powder

High-purity ultrafine barium titanate(batio3) powder high-purity ultrafine batio3 powders are mainly applied in manufacturing dielectric ceramics and sensitive ceramics. Among them, the multi-layer ceramic capacitor and ptc thermistor have close relations with our daily life and the latter has wide applications, such as starter for refrigerator, automatic magnetic eliminator for color TV, heater in the specified temperature range, dial telephone and energy saving lamp, etc. Our batio3 product is manufactured by oxalate co-precipitation that is the improvement of the traditional process. The batio3 is superior to the product made by solid-phase method due to its advantages such as high purity, homogeneous chemical composition, fine particle size, high sinterability of granules. These advantages contribute to properties of dielectric and sensitive ceramics. By using batio3 of good quality, electric component producers can shorten production period and raise production efficiency. Now we are able to produce batio3 120 t/a. In order to satisfy our customers, we are aiming at solving problems that occur in other batio3 products made by solid-phase method, such as variable ba/ti mol ratio, high content of impurities, large particle size and inhomogeneous particle size distribution. Depending on our technology advantages, we are trying our best to further improve the quality of products and compete in international market. Insisting on the principle "quality is first; credit is consummate" and sincere cooperation, we will do our best to satisfy our customers with the best service. Specifications of barium titanate powder: Appearance white powder purity >= 99.65 % ba/ti mol ratio 1.000 0.005 fe2o3
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