Bio fertiliser

Brief Description
Classification: Biological Fertilizer Other Names: Biological fertiliser Place of Origin: Guangxi China (Mainland)
Release Type: Quick State: Liquid Application: Leaf plant
Brand Name: Penshibao  
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:Packing in 10ml/packet,or pack as per the requriments of the customer.
Delivery Detail:immediately
Bio fertiliser

Biological fertilizer
1.accretion the earthnut
2.had excellent quality
3.disease-resistant and degeneration-resistant

License NoCN Agri-fert Approval No. 008        Manufd Standard  Q/PSB01-2000


Active Content(%) N 7.5~8.5,  P2O5 6.5~7.5,  K2O 1.5~2.5,  Zn 2.0~2.5,  B 1,


fulvic acid ≥8,  Ph  2~3


Product Form liquid



  Features & Efficacy


“PSB Leaf-vegetables Special” is totally poison-free, odorless and pollution-free, with super moisture-stickiness and dispersity, containing N, P, K, and fulvic acids that are essential to the growth of leaf vegetables. Application of “PSB Leaf-vegetables Special” can supplement the necessary nutrients for growing vegetables by activating enzymatic phosphates and modifying enzymatic glucose into carbon hydrates, resulting in better photosynthesis and metabolism. It is capable of eliminating the accumulation of phosphates inside leaves by promoting the root activities that reduce the absorption of phosphates from the soil. Frequent use of “PSB Leaf-vegetables Special” help to improve the abilities to resist adversities as drought, and diseases while resulting in better vegetable quality as making the leaves broad, fleshy, tender and green, as there are less fibers and more pectic contents. Use of “PSB Leaf-vegetables Special” can help to reduce the application of other unfriendly agrochemicals.


  Method and Time of Using


1.Spray on leaf vegetables at a dilution of 3,000-4,000 times, i.e., each 5 ml/vial diluted in water of 15-20 liters. spray until leaves are well moistened.

2.Spray 3-4 times at 7-10 days interval after vegetables are transplanted within 7-10 days.

3.For direct planting vegetables, spray the same starting from 3-genuine-leaf stage.




1.     Do not mix up with alkaline chemicals. Non-alkalis are allowed to mix with after PSB fertilizer is properly diluted.

2.     Do not apply to vegetables when the sunlight is too strong. Re-spraying is necessary if it rains heavily within 6 hrs after initial spraying. More dilution ratio is advised at hot temperatures. Best results if double sides of leaves are sprayed.

3.     Guaranteed period for 4 yrs. Storage within two years without using may produce some sediment, which shall be well-shaken before applying, same results as fresh liquid.

4.     It is suggested to follow the usage instruction to avoid undesired loses and damages