Bio pesticide NEMASTOP GOLD

Brief Description
Classification: Biological Pesticide, Nematicid... Place of Origin: Daegu South Korea State: Liquid
Brand Name: ECOWIN Type: Liquid Application: soil drench
Bio pesticide NEMASTOP GOLD

Plant parasitic nematodes control(Nematicide)

bio nematicide, nematode control

Nemastop-Gold is new functional biological nematicide which is consisted of useful bacteria, Bacillus subtilis, that produces strong natural nematicide elements and the substance that revitalize the physiological activities of crops.

This bacteria decomposes a protein and refrain the breeding of phytonematode by using phenazin, HCN (Hydrogen Cyanide), phloroglucinol and allelochemicals.

This minimizes the root knots and egg hatchings caused by phytonematode and soil pathogen and minimizes various impediment caused from soil and climate.

And also Nemastop-Gold enhances plant disease resistance.

This is also broadly used in various fields such as organic farming, horticulture, lawn, forests etc.

[Brief Information of Products]

-    Product Capacity : 10L, 18L

-    Amount of Use : 330~660m2/10L

-    Treatment : Soil Drench(Dilution)

[Crops for Application]

For garden plants

[Target Pest]

Root-knot nematodes and other plant harmful nematodes in soil

[How to Use]

 Crops for


Product Capacity


Application Time

Dilution Rate

Garden Plants


Decrease density of

harmful insects

Restrain growth of

harmful insects

Promote and strengthen

root growth

Revitalize crops growth

For the

purpose of



Soil Drench

(2 times)


damage is



Soil Drench

(3 times)

[Features of Product]

  1. Using new functional organism material makes germs in soil and harmful pest and larva restrained, and root growth promoted and strengthened.
  2. This environmental friendly product minimizes various obstacles caused by climate and soil through improving disease tolerance and revitalizing physiological function of plants.
  3. NEMASTOP GOLD can be applied when root and its growth become bad. It restrains breeding and activities of nematode by containing new functional organism material which helps decomposition of protein, lipid and chitin of nematode.
  4. It is a new functional product which tremendously decreases the density of root-knot nematodes occurring in many protected cultivation.