CO2 Extracts

We have pleasure in offering you CO2 extracts from herbs and spices.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extraction is a newly developed process which produces exceptionally pure aroma complete essential oils (plus much more components) with no aromatic components lost in the distillate water (no water is used).

Under certain conditions of low temperature and high pressure CO2 is vaporized and dissipated into the plant material leaving behind a very high quality aromatic product, unchanged essence of the plant.

CO2-extraction occurs under the temperature of 18-25 oC, and there is not any other process of extraction that would happen under such conditions. This is process of subcritical CO2-extraction which is patented invention and has not been used by any other company.

Another major advantage of CO2 extracts is that they are extremely clean and purified. They are totally free of chemical solvents such as hexane, alcohol, etc. They are also completely free of agricultural chemical fertilizers and pesticides, heavy metals, inorganic salts and other unwanted substances which are totally suppressed from the final product during the CO2 extraction.

This is distinctive feature of subcritical CO2-extraction when CO2 does not dissolve above-listed chemicals and transfer them into extract.

We have our recomendations on use of CO2-extracts for food, beverages, cosmetics, laundry and toilet soaps. Please visit our website.
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