Chemilink SS-111 Stone Stabilizing Agent

Brief Description
Place of Origin: Singapore Grade Standard: Reagent Grade, Other Application: Soil and Stones
Brand Name: CHEMILINK Model Number: SS-111 
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:25kg/bag or 1 ton/jumbo bag
Delivery Detail:4 - 8 weeks upon receiving correct payment
Chemilink SS-111 Stone Stabilizing Agent

Stone Stabilizing Agent; stone stabilization; stone stabilizer

Chemilink SS-111 Stone Stabilizing Agent is a modified polymer cementitious binder delivered in fine powder form.  It has specially been designed to overcome the current construction difficulties of cracking and too high resilient modulus caused by various cement stabilizations.  Chemilink SS-111 stabilized various crushed stones with shrinkage cracking resistance effect can provide the asphalt concrete surface a comfortable base course with sufficient strengths and a reasonable resilient modulus which is equivalent to that of the asphalt concrete. 

SS-111 sub-series include several similar but independent-to-use products to solve various engineering issues at different conditions and requirements (e.g. different resilient moduli or water-proofing effects).  It is an ideal stabilizing agent for crushed stone and gravel stabilization mainly for the base course of airport runways/taxiways, highways and high profile roads with higher traffic loading and frequency.

Technical Data Range (Stabilized Stone)

Stone TypeDosage
Soaked CBR
UCS (7d)
Resilient Modulus
MR (MPa)
Crusher Run/Graded Stone1.5 to 5 > 901.5 to 8 4,000 to 20,000


  • Shrinkage compensation effect to minimize or eliminate cracking;
  • Moderate strengths increment;
  • Less hardness and more flexible modulus; and
  • Semi-Waterproofing


  • Immediately solve the issues caused by various cement stabilizations (such as cracking and too high resilient modulus) for road base course; and
  • Others are similar to those of Chemilink SS-108

Typical Applications

  • To be used as the road base or base course of the projects which are similar to those of Chemilink SS-108; and
  • To be directly used as the surface course of temporary airport runways/taxiways/parking areas, high profile temporary/construction roads and other shallow base foundations (temporarily or permanently)