Clear Antistatic Agent in Liquid for Coating on Surface of PP, PE, PET

Brief Description
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Main Raw Material: Polyurethane Usage: Appliance Paint, Electrical Insulating V...
Application Method: Brush State: Liquid Coating Brand Name: BTREE
Model Number: BT-311 Size: 25KG/Bucket Color:: Transparent liquid
Color: Light Blue  
Clear Antistatic Agent in Liquid for Coating on Surface of PP, PE, PET

Clear or light blue antistatic agent in liquid
Proprotion: 1.01g/cm3(20 degree)
PH Value: 6.0-8.0

Antistatic Agent BT-311

Net Weight : 25kg/Barrel

Performance Index

Appearance : Colorless or light blue liquid

Surface Resistance : 108~109 Ω

Proportion : 1.01g/cm3(20°C)

Dissolvability : can be dissolved in water & ethanol

PH Value : 6.0 ~ 8.0

Life Time : 1 year

Use Method

1. Dilute with quantitative ethanol & stir at the same time;

2. Can roller coating, spray coating or brush coating on the surface of PP, PE, PET to form a well-distributed transparent film;

3. Dry in 60°C or room temperature & the surface resistance can reach 108~109 Ω;

4. Before coating, please make sure coating tools are clean. After coating, please wash coating tools timely.

Product Characteristics

The product is laminated by many kinds of cation surface active agent. As external antistatic agent coating for PP, PE, PET, it can lower surface resistance of high polymer products. And its transparency is high & antistatic performance is stable & lasting with 108~109 Ω surface resistance.

Application Area

Used as surface electrostatic treatment of CPP, PE, PET antistatic packaging.