Coenzyme Q10

Brief Description
Type: Coenzyme Form: Powder Part: Other
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction Packaging: Drum Place of Origin: Shaanxi China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Tianrun Model Number: USP30/EP5/JP14 98% Nutrient supplent: Coenzyme Q10
food additive: Coenzyme Q10  
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:Packing:25kg/fiber drum; Inner package:two double plastic bags. Packing Size:45X50cm
Delivery Detail:5 days after order
Coenzyme Q10

1.Coenzyme Q10
2.Manufacture herb extract since 1998.
3.ISO 9001 certificate,FDA No.
4.Stability supply."

Product Name:Coenzyme Q10 Powder


Appearance: Yellow to orange crystalline powder


Specification Available: USP30/EP5/JP14 98%

                                             water soluble 10%
CAS.NO: 303-98-0
Molecular Formula:C59H9O4
Molecular Weight: 863.34

Struction formula:

Coenzyme Q10 (also known as ubidecarenone, CoQ10 and Vitamin Q) is a 1, 4-benzoquinone, playing an important role in generating energy and improving vitality. It is a component of the electron transport chain in the mitochondria and participates in aerobic cellular respiration. Therefore, those organs with the highest energy requirements such as the heart and the liver have the highest CoQ10 concentrations.
1. Generate energy in cell and help as vitality booster
2. Help to treatment of cardiovascular disease
3. Anti-oxidation activity
4. Help to treatment of Parkinson's disease
5. Remain gums healthy
6. Increase immunity

7. Postpone senility

Shelf Life:2 years
Storage:Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from light.
Packing :25 Kg/Fiber Drum



1.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it can be used for treating cardiovascular disease.

2.Applied in Cosmetics, it can be sued for skin whitening, removing wrinkling and slowing down ageing.


Specification Coenzyme Q10



Assay(anhydrous basis)Coenzyme Q10

Chromatographic purity




Yellow to orange crystalline powder


Sample spectrum exhibits maxima only at the same wavelengths as that of a similar preparation of the Reference Standard.

Chemical test

A blue color appears.

Mesh Size

100% through 40 mesh



Residue on Ignition


Heavy metals


Total Plate Count


Yeast and Mold






Flow Chart of Coenzyme