Colored cement-based waterproof tile grouts for wall and floor tiles

Brief Description
Other Names: tile grouts Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland) Classification: Hot Melt Adhesives
Main Raw Material: cement Usage: Construction, Fiber & Garment, Packing, ... Brand Name: SEALOP
Model Number: colored cement-based tile grout usage: construction certificate: ISO9001:2008
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:25kg/bag
Delivery Detail:within one week after confirmation
Colored cement-based waterproof tile grouts for wall and floor tiles

Colored sealant for wall & floor ceramic tiles
1,durable,antibiosis,water-resistant / waterproof
2,ISO9001:2008 certificated

  • ceramic floor and wall tile colorful grout
  • short introduction
  • The product is a kind of colorful powder polymer grouts which based on cement. Especially for ceramic wall and floor tiles, mosaics, marble and granite.
  • The product has the following characteristics:
  • l  durable waterproof anti-mildew, antibiosis and can reduce the possibility of bursting
  • l  convenient construction, green building materials,beautiful and professional
  • l  Good adhesion and flexibility properties of impermeability of cracking, so it can improve the waterproof of the whole decorative board.
  • l  Colorful decoration make it perfection
  • Technical performance:
  • project

     Technical standard

    Abrasion resistance/mm3     

    < 2000


    < 3.0

    Flexural strength/MPa        


    Compressive strength /MPa  


    Water absorption/g,30min     

    < 5.0

  • Dosage reference:
  •   By (brick circumference x brick thickness x slit width)/brick area= __kg/m2.
  • Application range:For wall, floor ceramic tiles, mosaics, marble, granite, tile and other decorative materials
  • Product category:
  • The product series is divided into anti-mildew grouts, flexible grouts, stone grouts, wide seam grouts.
  • Construction points:
  • 1. put the product into the barrel with pure water,stirring until thick paste;
  • 2. With a rubber scraper or similar tool, from the diagonal direction, using a color sealant to fill all cracks between the blocths;
  • 3.erase the superfluous sealant after 10 minutes .
  • 4. In 20 minutes, use a soft cloth to polish the tile surface.
  • Note:
  • 1. construction temperature should be preferably between 5°C ~ 35 °C;
  • 2. product should be used up within 2 hours after the stirring;
  • 3. if the product accidentally splashed into your eyes, you should rinse with water immediately, or go to see the doctor if necessary
  • 4. Do not do construction outdoors in rainy day
  • Packaging and storage: This product is 25kg/ bags, keep it in cool and dry place, unopened product can be stored for 6 months.