Brief Description
Classification: Acaricide, Biological Pesticide... Other Names: Sulfuramide MF: C10H6F17NO2S
Place of Origin: Hubei China (Mainland) State: Powder Purity: 95

FC-09,Sulfuramide, Intermediate of fluorosurfactant,fluoropesticide and Good for killing insects


Name of Commodity:   Sulfuramide

Structural Formula:   CF3CF2CF2CF2CF2CF2CF2CF2SO2NHCH2CH3

Molecular  Formula:   C10H6F17NO2S

Molecular weight:    527

Appearance:        white or light-yellow solid

Melting Point:     76~78°C

Content:           ≥95%

Uses:  This product is a kind of perfluoro anion surfactant and the important Intermediate of fluorosurfactant.It is an excellent fluoropesticide and Good for killing insects,and mainly used in curing ant and cockroach and other reptiles.

Package &Storage & Transportation: 1000g×10 for plastic barrel and with external soild paper box. Storage is in light of the regulations of general chemicals.