Garden mosquito killer outdoor

Brief Description
Classification: Acaricide, Herbicide, Insectici... Brand Name: ANBAO Model Number: AB-2016G
Green color: Gray optional  
Garden mosquito killer outdoor

1. suitable for garden, balcony and outdoor
2. CE approval
3. IP4 level of water-proof
4.mosquito killer outdoor

5W outdoor insect killer

1. Using 5W CCFL tube (UV light and wave length is about 365nm) to attract the mosquito.

Using 5W of CCFL tube which made in Taiwan, In China, only can buy 1-2W.

2. Spraying the NanoTio2 on the fan, when CCFL tube is light to the fan, Photocatalytic decomposition of toxic substances in the air, at the same time, it will also produce CO2, it will attract the mosquito and insect.

3. When mosquito attracted come to the insect trap, he will be suck in the box by fan, and then being drained to death.

4. Using Silence Fan, in dark, the sleeping room is very quite, when using, donot have noise to bother the sleeping.

5. IP4 level of water proof, can be used at garden, balcony, can proof the water from any direction splashed

6. 20/40/40HQ is 3060/6300/7200pcs

7. The product is including hang-up accessories

8. mosquito killer outdoor