HFO-1234ze (TetraFluoroPropene)

Brief Description
CAS No.: 1645-83-6 Other Names: 1,3,3,3-TETRAFLUOROPROP-1-ENE MF: C3H2F4
EINECS No.: 471-480-0 Place of Origin: Beijing China (Mainland) Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
Purity: 99.8 Appearance: Colorless gas under normal temperat... Application: aerosol propellant, refrigerant
Brand Name: YuJiChem boiling point: -16 centigrade Poisonousness: zero
Global Warming Potential: 6  
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:compress steel bottle
Delivery Detail:we have several kilograms of HFO-1234ze Samples on hand.
HFO-1234ze (TetraFluoroPropene)

For blowing agent, aerosol propellant.
Substitute of HFC-134a and other
known refrigerant.
Ultra-low GWP.

HFO-1234ze can be widely used for all kinds of air conditioner, refrigerator, central air conditioning and commercial refrigeration. Comparing the similar usage of HFC-134a, our HFO-1234ze has an ultra-low GWP than HFC-134a and any other known refrigerant. It should be the trend on preventing global ozone from depleting. So, HF0-1234ze will be a new generation of refrigerant, it's now becoming the substitute of HFC-134a, which is used for vehicle air condition.

Trans-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene is excellent as a blowing agent for polystyrene, polyurethane, PUR or other polymers.

Now have finished the development of HFO-1234ze by our R&D. It will be not long a period for us to industrialize it all over the world.

We require the minimum order of quantity is 20 kgs as Sample for your evaluation. The wholesale order quantity should not be less than 1 metric ton.