Hydrophilic, Swellable, Waterstop, Butyl Bentonite, Rubber

"Hyper Seal" is a waterstop sealing product mainly made of specific rubbers, showing
double working waterstop effects with more excellent waterstop performance andease of application than conventional stop plates. The elasticity of rubber can bring the watertight sealing action between construction
joints and show a perfect waterstop performance by completely sealing gapsand waterways aroundn joint, maintaining watertight up to 2-10 times on contactn
with water flowing into joints It is real condition you cannot expect a perfect waterstop effect with one kind
of product at construction sites, including civil engineering or construction and
special structure on the whole.At this point , We produce a variety of products to be applied by each condition
of construction sites and the part of application. Features Perfect Waterstop sealing : Shows the double working waterstop performance. Work safety : Thanks to elasticity and restoring force, actively deals with
deformation of the structure. Ease of application to: Being lightweight and having good adhesion to any structure
makers for easy to work even it narrow spaces. A Wide range of application : possible to apply in any weather or at any sites.
Semipermanent life : Retains its orignal from even after repeated expansion.
Business Terms
Model Noswellable waterstop
Product Originkorea(south)
Brand Namewaterstop
Certifications'54',,ISO 9002
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