Japan Three-Color Printing Ink Cleaner

Brief Description
Other Names: Anilox Roller Cleaning Agent Place of Origin: Japan Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Medicine Grad...
Purity: 100% Appearance: Dope Application: Cleaning Roller
Brand Name: Three-color Model Number: SP-751 
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:According to a specific number of products packaged
Delivery Detail:Delivery within one month after remittance
Japan Three-Color Printing Ink Cleaner

Japan Three-Color Printing Ink Cleaner,Effectively remove the residual ink stain, prevent blocking the version, clean thoroughly

Japan Three-Color Printing Ink Cleaner

Technique Parameters:

Brand: Three-color

Model: SP-751

Capacity: 20kg/500ml

Origin: Japan

Manufacturer: Three color Chemical Co., Ltd.


1. Easy to use, without any auxiliary set, can clean in a short time

2. Effectively remove stains, prevent blocking version

3. Strong decontamination, clean thoroughly, efficient and rapid


1. Please wear rubber gloves and protective glasses before the cleaning

2. Be sure that the anilox roller surface is clean and dry, if not, dry it with a cloth.

3. Open the Cleaner’s protective lid, apply the entire roller surface evenly with the cleaner, the      apply thickness is about 0.5~1mm, then tighten the Cleaner’s lid.

4. Wait about 15 minutes, now the cleaner is become ink color, use the special stainless steel   brush brush it reciprocatingly, gradually cleaning out the residue and condensates, you may use some fresh water, too.

5. Finally use fresh water to rinse the surface roller, and then wipe dry it, now the whole cleaning is finished!

6. If you find there is still a small amount of residue, you can repeat the procedure 2, 3, 4, brush  it a few times, you will get a all cleaned-up roller!


Please clean with the special stainless steel wire brush or brass wire brush.

the imported U.S extra thin stainless steel wire and brass wire; is special for cleaning anilox roller, use it, you will get the best cleaning effect.