L-Lactic acid

Brief Description
CAS No.: 79-33-4 Other Names: L-lactate MF: C3H6O3
EINECS No.: 201-196-2 Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland) Type: Acidity Regulators, Antioxidants, Emulsif...
Brand Name: abel Model Number: Heat resistant grade Purity:90%: 25,50,100,1200kg /drum
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:25kg, 200kg, or 1000kg drum.
Delivery Detail:7-10days
L-Lactic acid

L-Lactic acid
1)Purity:90% min
3)Packing:25,50,100,1200kg /drum


3)Packing:25,50,100,1200kg /drum

1.For Food

l        Sour agent: Lactic acid is widely used in beverages, alcoholic, pastries, candies and others.

l        Fungicide: Lactic acid for slaughter in the process of pollution control and the brewing process

l        In the bacteria pollution control.

l        Flavour agent: Lactic acid is a component of essence, add lactic acid in edible essence can improve product's flavor naturally.

2.For Pharmaceutical

l        Disinfectant: Lactic acid has a strong bactericidal function, in the field of medicine as a disinfectant.

l        API: It is the raw material of some drugs(such as Ciprofloxacin Lactic, Norfloxacin Lactic)

l        Biodegradable medical devices ingredients: Lactic acid can be deep-processed into poly-lactic acid. poly-lactic is a biodegradable and can be used for bio-degradable fibers(made of SB-orb), bio-medical and other pharmaceutical field.

3.For Feed

l        Acidifier: Lactic acid can maintain acid-base balance in animals to enhance animal's immunity;

l        Preservatives: Lactic acid can inhibit the growth of anaerobic microorganisms in feed, to extend the shelf-life of fodder.

l        Fungicide:Adding lactic acid in drinking water in poultry before slaughter, can control the pathogen infection and cross-contamination risks effectively

4.For Industrial

l        Complexing agents: In chemical nickelplating, lactic acid become the first complexing agents choice because of its fast plating rate and good stability.

l        Biodegradable material:With lactic acid as raw materials can be made of poly-lactic acid.because poly-lactic acid has a good biological degradability, in the future poly-lactic acid products will replace polyethylene products which take petroleum as raw material for sure.

5.For Daily Chemical Products

l        Moisturizing agent: Lactic acid can be used in the preparation of cleaning supplies, lotion or bath foam, and to improve the organizational structure of the skin,eliminating wrinkles and stains. It has a obvious effect on treatment rough skin, acne and so on.


l        Add lactic acid in tobacco to maintain tobacco moisture and improve the quality of cigarettes. In the leather industry, lactic acid can be used as Deliming agent.

l        In the textile industry by adding lactic acid, it can make products get color easily, increase gloss and make it to be softer.






Transparent liquid

Optical purity(L+), %

95 min

Lubricious date, APHA


Assay, %


90 min

Density at 20°C



Sulphate, %


0.005 max

Chloride, %


0.002 max

Residue on ignition, %


0.1 max

Iron, ppm


10 max

Heavy metals,ppm


10 max

Arsenic, ppm


1 max

Lead, ppm


0.5 max

Mercury, ppm



Cyanide, ppm



Limit of citric,oxalic,

phpsphoric and tartaric acid


Past test FCCIV

Reducing sugars



Past test FCCIV