Brief Description
CAS No.: 32854-75-4 Other Names: lappaconitine MF: C32H44N2O8
EINECS No.: A140090 Place of Origin: Shaanxi China (Mainland) Type: Anesthetic Agents
Grade Standard: Medicine Grade Brand Name: alading Model Number: ala1
Purity: 98%  
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Packaging Detail:1kg/bag
Delivery Detail:within 10days afther get payment

Lappaconitine 98% CAS-32854-75-4
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This product is non-narcotic analgesic, has a strong analgesic effect, but also with local anesthesia, cooling, antipyretic

Formula: C32H44N2O8
Molecular weight: 584.64
Content: 99%
Appearance: white crystal.

Pharmacological effects

1)Greater analgesia: analgesic effect maintenance time is long
Function: high monkshood lasting of anesthesia isomers strong by deep to the shallow narcotic effects
2)Height: high safety, security and the mutation and no addiction, the effect that cause the immune system to also have no volume, stimulation, allergy and toxic effect.
3)Cool heat of all kinds of fever away: has the significant antipyretic actions
4)Anti-inflammatory away heat: DuoZhong inflammation model of the lead to the increase of blood capillary permeability of the swelling, etc, and has obvious inhibition and enhance the role of adrenocortical function. At the same time, can restrain capillary permeability, eliminate the pinna, toes, joint, lower limb swelling, inhibit the ball is swollen formation in the bud.

   5) enhance immunity: can stimulate the meshy endodermis cell hyperplasia, strengthen the white cell and mononuclear macrophage phagocytosis ability, so as to enhance the immunity
   Applications: AiTong, headache, toothache, JianBei pain, cervical pain, waist pain, stones pain, trauma, pain, rheumatism pain, pain, gastrointestinal stain nerve pain, sciatica, and the women inflammation to a variety of pain, postoperative pain.

  Used for various reasons such as cold fever caused by the heat
  Used for postoperative diminish inflammation, swelling, pain, promotes wound healing.

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