MG-40S: natural latex rubber adhesive glue

Brief Description
Place of Origin: Japan Main Raw Material: Natural Rubber Latex & PMMA Usage: Construction, Fiber & Garment, Packing, ...
Brand Name: REGITEX Model Number: MG-40S Main Raw Materials: Natural Rubber Latex & PMMA
Color: Milky white Viscosity: 20 to 100 mPas pH: 9 to 11
Total Solid Content: 51 to 54 % Alkali (NH3) Content: Less than 0.7 % Application Method: Brush, Spray, Roller
Flammability Limits: None Storage Temperature Range: between 5 to 35 Cels... Usage: Primer for PVC tape, paper envelope, woo...
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:We ship out the products in 10 hermetically sealed industrial metal barrels; each barrel holds 190kg of the product.
Delivery Detail:We ship out the product within 20 days as we receive your order.
MG-40S: natural latex rubber adhesive glue

is made from natural rubber latex and PMMA.
1. water based adhesive glue
2. as adhesive primer
3. as raw material

MG-40S enhances the adhesive bonding operation workability dramatically by reducing the development of coagulation!

Here are features of MG-40S:

1. Its multi-purpose usage functionality enhances conveniences over workability.

MG-40S is applicable to fabrics, papers, polyvinyl chloride (“PVC”), rubbers and wood. It bonds virtually every material out there.


2. Varieties of industries applying MG-40S for their products.

 • Apparel makers apply MG-40S for appliqué,

 • Sport gear manufacturers apply it for ball manufacturing,

 • Tape makers use this as primers and/or sealers for their products; adhesive tapes,

 • Fire horse manufacturers employ this for bonding between cloth tubes and rubber tubes,

 • Envelop manufacturers use this for cold sealing.

3. It extends the usages under varieties of conditions.

 • Its alkali fastness allows its use under alkaline environment.

 • Its acid tolerance allows its use under acidic environment,

 • Its flexibility is suited for its use under sway environment.

Here are additional strengths of MG-40S:

Aside of enhancement of the adhesive bonding operation workability by reducing coagulation, followings are additional strengths;

1. It is an ideal intermediary between rubber materials.

One of natural rubber’s significant characteristics is autohesion; it bonds with another natural rubber material without force. This makes MG-40S as an ideal intermediary between rubber objects.

2. It has more flexibility than synthetic rubber.

Natural rubber has stronger tension strength and longer extension allowances than synthetic rubber; these traits put MG-40S to gain advantages over synthetic rubber when flexibility is required for adhesives.

3. It is eco-friendly.

MG-40S is made from natural plants that do not require artificial processing operation as synthetic materials do; therefore, this dramatically reduces CO2 emission from production of adhesives and primers.

4. It does not contain hazardous substances.

Unlike chemically processed raw materials, it is harmless to living creatures and environments. None of materials relevant to Restriction of Hazardous Substances are in use.

5. It is safe.

As it is a water-based non-chemical material that;

 • It is not flammable,

 • Operators will not suffer from organic solvent poisoning while using it,

 • Explosion protection facility does not need to be built for processing the material.

6. It dramatically reduces maintenance duration.

Typically, running natural rubber made adhesives and primers on coating machine require cleaning process every two to three hours to get rid of coagulation. However, applying MG-40S dramatically reduces the cleaning duration; in fact, using this allows the coating machine to be running 24hours consecutively.

7. It is durable.

MG-40S’ degree of viscosity is stability when it is stored accordingly to our instruction. It will not get spoiled when you purchase this in bulk. And this will only require nominal viscosity control effort for usage each time.

 Ex. Comparison of degree of viscosities after three months of storage.

 Our competitors’: 2,000 mPa·s

 TRG-40S: 300 mPa·s

8. It saves time.

As it does not contain organic solvent, cleaning and aging process may be eliminated.

9. It may be applied on materials that are easily dissolved in organic solvents.

For example, material made of styrofoam dissolves well in an organic solvent that chemically processed adhesives and/or primers may not be used on it. However, MG-40S may be used on stryofoam

We Accept Sample Orders!

For any of you interested in MG-40S, we will ship this out in small package for you to try! Please contact us now!  We will guide you how to obtain the sample of MG-40S in return. Thank you in advance!