Methyl Bromide 98% with 2% chloropicrin additive

Brief Description
Classification: Acaricide, Fungicide, Herbicide... CAS No.: 74-83-9 Other Names: Methyl Br
MF: CH3Br Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland) State: Liquid
Purity: 98% + 2% additive Application: Fumigants 
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:50kg,100kg steel cylinder and 681gram tinned cans.
Delivery Detail:within 35 days after receiving the LC or prepayment
Methyl Bromide 98% with 2% chloropicrin additive

Methyl Bromide is a good fumigants for agriculture

Methyl Bromide, a colorless gas, odorless at low concentrations; a colorless to straw-colored liquid under pressure or refrigeration, is a powerful fumigant used widely for both soil and space fumigation providing very efficient and economic control.
Major Features of Methyl Bromide are:
* Highly effective against a wide range of soil-borne pests.
* Quick and deep penetration into the soil.
* Very short exposure period.
* Short waiting period between fumigation and sowing or planting.
* Penetration into undecomposed material.
* Good efficacy in a wide range of temperatures.
* Increased growth response effect.