Methyl Cellulose (MC)

Brief Description
CAS No.: 9004-67-5 Other Names: Cellulose Methyl Ether MF: C20H38O11
Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland) Classification: Other Adhesives Main Raw Material: MC
Usage: Construction, Fiber & Garment, Footwear ... Brand Name: Lubon Model Number: Methoxyl, % 28.0-32.0
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:bags
Delivery Detail:15 days
Methyl Cellulose (MC)

Methyl Cellulose (MC)
CAS No.:9004-67-5
Viscosity of 1% water solution at 20C,(mpa.s)
Methoxyl, % 28.0-32.0

Methyl Cellulose (MC)
CAS No.:9004-67-5
Viscosity of 1% water solution at 20°C,(mpa.s)

Methyl Cellulose (MC)


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Methoxyl, % 28.0-32.0

Moisture, %   ≤5

Viscosity(2%,20°C)mpa.s     5-100000 (See viscosity specifications)

Ash, %   ≤1

Gelling temperature °C 52-67

3.Property :
MC is a kind of non-ion aqueous cellulous ether,white or white-similar powder or granule,no odor or taste,nontoxic,with a little hygroscopicity. Different substitution offers different solubility,usually medium substitution(DS between 1.5-2.0) comes under cool aqueous model,and finds widest applications.It dissolves in cool water and some organic solvents,does not dissolve in hot water.In hot water at 80-90°C it dissolves and swells,after cooled down,dissolving quick.Its solution possesses reversible hot gelling characteristic,stable to acid and alkali,is not effected between PH 2-12, with excellent anti-mildew ability,capable of dispersing, emulsifying, agglomerating, thickening, holding water,forming film etc.Film formed by its offers superior toughness flexibility, transparency and oil resistance.

Density:   1.39g/cm3      Apparent density:   0.25-0.7g/cm3

Carbonization temperature:    225-230°C     Color-change
temperature:   190-200°C

Surface tension(25°C):   47-53dyn/cm



4. Usage :

The product is used as agents of thickening,coherence,water-holding,film-forming, shaping, dispersing, retard etc.In building construction, building material, coating, ceramics, textile printing & dyeing,leather,tobacco, ink,paper making,petrochemical,daily-use chemical etc.For example,putting MC in cement slurry may decrease water loss on the surface, even if used in dry wall it also can prevent wall cracking, improve its coherence and workability;used in cement product, MC makes it firm and hard but not shrink too much; used in emulsion or aqueous resin coating, MC gives coating a good wearability,fluidity,uniformity,stability for storage and endurance to heavy metal pigment dissolving.
In pharmaceutical and food industries MC is used as agent of coherence,film-forming, emulsification and suspension etc.

5. Method of Use:

1. Use after fast dissolving:
While kept stirring,MC may disperse,swell,dissolve until transparency.The following method may reach fast dissolving:
(1) Heat the required water to 80-90°C,put in MC slowly while stirring,when slurry is formed and cooled,continue to stir,it will dissolve fully.
(2) Heat half the water to 80-90°C,put it in while stirring until it becomes slurry,then add the residual cool water and stir it until transparency.

2. Prepare Gruel-like Mother liquor for Use:
First prepare MC into high thick gruel-like mother liquor(the same method as above), when used, supplement adequate cool water and continuously stir until transparency.

3. Dry-Blending:
MC owns excellent compatibility, so it can be easily mixed dry with cement, plaster powder, pigment etc.a good effect can be obtained.Especially,it has good mixing-ability with water-soluble substance such as washing powder,starch it can be directly be mixed.

6.Packing and Storage:

20kg or 15kg net weight in plastic-coated or paper-plastic compound bag lined with PE bag inside.
On storage avoid sunshine and rain,prevent fire and wet.