Neem Oil

Brief Description
Classification: Biological Pesticide, Insectici... Other Names: Neem pesticide, Neem Nematicide Place of Origin: Tamil Nadu India
State: Liquid Purity: 99.9% Application: with emulsifier
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:Packaged in Drums or cans or as per Customer requirements
Delivery Detail:3-4 weeks
Neem Oil

We are suppliers of Neem oil rich in Azadirachtin for organic pesticide application

High Quality Neem kernels are crushed to extract high quality neem oil for organic pesticide application.

Our Neem oil rich in Azadirachtin  controls wide range of pests, insects and nematodes in garden and agriculture fields

Benefits of Neem Oil:

1. Organic

2. Controls wide range of Pests, Insects and Nematodes (Pesticide, Insecticide & Nematicide)

3. Easy to apply

4. Not harmful to Bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects. Controls only damaging insects.

5. Safe on edible plants - can be applied till the day of Harvest

6. Safe to Humans

Active Ingredients – Neem oil has many complex active ingredients including Azadirachtin. These ingredients are not like simple poisons, but have a behavior similar to Natural Hormones.When the insects feed on the plants sprayed with neem oil, these ingredients directly act upon the hormones of the insects and stop the regular behavior of the insect. They directly effect on the eating and reproduction behaviors of the insects.

Unlike chemical poison, which kills the insects instantly, neem oil eliminates the insects in a slow but permanent process. Even the next generation of insects will have the impact of the neem oil in their hormones.