Nickel aminosulfonate

Brief Description
CAS No.: 13770-89-3 Other Names: Nickel aminosulfonate MF: Ni(NH2SO3)2. 4H2O
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland) Grade Standard: Electron Grade Purity: 99%
Brand Name: HI-TECH  
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Packaging Detail:DRUM
Delivery Detail:7 DAYS
Nickel aminosulfonate

Quick plating, low inner stress, high solubility, no pollution,

Product description 

name Nickel aminosulfonate

molecular formula Ni(NH2SO3)2. 4H2O

molecular weight  322.92

Character : Nickel sulphamate which is green crystal, deliquesces in moisture air, freely soluble in water, losing crystal water to decompose under high theory, the nickel content is 18.17%.

Package25kg plastic bags or cardboard drum or iron drum with pallet according to end-user requirement 


Industrial Grade


Green crystal



Nickel (Ni) ,%


Cobalt (Co),%




Iron (Fe),%


Lead (Pb),%


Zinc (Zn),%


Sulfate (SO42-),%


Chloride (Cl - ),%


Water insoluble %


Application It is a kind of good plating salt which is fast developing within recent years in the world owing to its quick plating, low inner stress, high solubility, no pollution, etc. Widely used in electron, automobile, spaceflight, weapon, coinage, metallurgy, nickel net, radio, color aluminum alloy