Non-metallic fuel enhancer

Brief Description
Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: Dehaibei Model Number: DHB-FQ
Appearance: liquid color: light yellow 
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:1.Iron barrel with 200L 2.ISO-tank
Delivery Detail:15--20days
Non-metallic fuel enhancer

1.ISO certificate
2.REACH &EPA certificate
3.Higher performance antiknock agent
4.Reduce emission

  1. The improvement on octane rating is obvious according to different dosages. The octane rating will reach 4—20 units if dosages 1--5%.
  2. The agent has both characteristics of the metal deactivator, antioxidant and anti-adhesive, and also has a good intermiscibility and dispersibility with hydrocarbon component and alcohol ethers non-hydrocarbon group like catalytic gasoline, Catalytic gasoline, reformulated gasoline, naphtha.
  3. It does not contain any metal elements. It’s able to reduce sediments on the Catalytic converter, decrease the harmful emission and improve performance of engine.
  4. DHB-FQ08 with anti-oxidant stabilizer will be stored well, and improve gasoline’s quality remarkably.
  5. It helps fuel improve performance and reduce abrasion of valve.
  6. It will be helpful to clean and save more fuel. Thus the unit cost on improvement of octane will be lower and profitable.