Oxfendazole 99% CAS:53716-50-0

Brief Description
CAS No.: 53716-50-0 Other Names: Oxfendazole MF: C48H72O14B1a
EINECS No.: 57-62-5 Place of Origin: Shaanxi China (Mainland) Type: Antibiotic and Antimicrobial Agents, Card...
Grade Standard: Cosmetic Grade, Medicine Grade Usage: Animal Pharmaceuticals Brand Name: sciphar
Model Number: WCIE-1006 Purity: 99% Other Names Oxfendazole: MF C48H72O14B1a
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:two-double aluminum foil plastic bags in 1 kg, or 5kg.25kg in one barrel .
Delivery Detail:In three days upon the receipt of the payment
Oxfendazole 99% CAS:53716-50-0

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Product name: Oxfendazole
CAS NO.: 53716-50-0

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CAS NO.: 68813-55-8

Product name: Penethamate Hydriodide
CAS NO.: 808-71-9

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CAS NO.: 22204-24-6

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CAS NO.: 220119-17-5

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CAS NO.: 131929-60-7

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CAS NO.: 102-65-8

Product name: Valnemulin
CAS NO.: 101312-92-9

Product name: Toltrazuril
CAS NO.: 69004-03-1

Product name: Triclabendazole
CAS NO.: 68786-66-3

Product name: Triflumuron
CAS NO.: 64628-44-0

Product name: Tulathromycin
CAS NO.: 280755-12-6

Product name: Zeranol
CAS NO.: 26538-44-3
Storage: Seal, cool and dry place
CAS No.: 219.24

Packing: 1kg/ aluminum bag
25kgs/ fiber durm or according to customer's demand
Shelf life: 2 years

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