Brief Description
CAS No.: 9003-39-8 Other Names: povidone-k15 MF: (C6H9NO)n
Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland) Type: Dyestuff Intermediates, Flavor & Fragranc... Brand Name: WT
Appearance: white or milky color  
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:25kg/drum
Delivery Detail:within a week after recieved 30%T/T

1.competitve price and good quality
2.meet USP EP GP
3.white or milky powder
4.have good absorption moisture


K Value13-1715-1922-2827-3381-98
Moisture %≤5.0≤5.0≤5.0
PH(5% in water)3-73-73-7
Vinylpyrrolidone %≤ 0.2≤ 0.1≤ 0.1
Sulfate Ash%≤ 0.1≤ 0.1≤ 0.02
Nitrogen %--11.5-12.8--
Heavy Metals(as Pb) ppm--< 10< 10
Acetaldehyde ppm--≤ 500--
Hydrazine ppm--≤ 1.0--

Physical properties:

   Whiteor milkypowder,and colorless or slight yellow transparent liquid.it can dissolve in water and grain alcohol,isopropyl alcohol or chloroform,but not in acetone or diethyl ether.Have good absorption moisture,film-forming,complex ability and so on.


  1.Pharma Grade:used as binder for table and pellet,dissolving assistant for injection,flowing assistant for capsule,dispersant for liquid medicine and pigment,stabilizer for enzyme and heat sensitive drug.

  2.Tech Grade:as surface coating agent,dispersing agent,thikener,binder in paint,printing ink,textile,printing and drying,color picture tubes.

  3.Cosmetic grade:used extensively in a wide range in hair skin care&oral care production.the production are particularly suitable for formulations where viscosity modification and film forming properties are required.