Pesticide auxillary Karanj oil

Brief Description
Classification: Biological Pesticide, Fungicide... Other Names: Pesticide carrier oil MF: Base oil for pesticides
Place of Origin: Andhra Pradesh India State: Liquid Purity: 99 %
Application: Base oil for organic pesticides Brand Name: AMP Model Number: AMP
Clear Oil: Golden Brown Pure natural oil: Excellent base oil 
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:HDPE cans 50 Lit., HDPE drums 180 lit, HDPE drums 200 lit.,MS drums 200 lit.
Delivery Detail:Generally within 1 week.
Pesticide auxillary Karanj oil

1. Organic Natural oil
2. Efficient base oil for botanical pesticides
3. Supports activity of organic insecticides

We are a part of Agatsya group based at Hyderabad - India. Activities of our group include manufacturing a range of eco - friendly agriculture inputs, bio chemicals, chemicals, starch derivatives, industrial adhesives and non edible oils, mainly Neem Oil and Karanj Oil.

We manufacture Pure Cold pressed Karanj oil which is used for agriculture applications, in botanical insecticide formulations, for traditional medicine etc. We offer different grades suitable for different end use applications.

We also offer emulsified Karanj oil for use as base oil for botanical insecticides. We have special carrier oils / base liquids for botanical insecticide formulations as well as tailormade Pesticide Carrier Oils for biopesticide, botanical pesticide formulations.

These Pesticide Carrier Oils / Pesticide Auxillary Oils / Pesticide Adjuvant Oils improve the efficiency of the main insecticide / pesticide.

We also offer Karanj cake, Neem cake, neem oil and formulations based on Karanj oil and Neem oil.

For more information on these special carrier oils / auxillary oils / base liquids for your Bio insecticide / pesticide , Botanical insecticide / pesticide formulations, please contact us with details of application.