Polyester paint for indoor and outdoor use

Brief Description
Other Names: powder paint Place of Origin: Hebei China (Mainland) Main Raw Material: polyester
Usage: Appliance Paint, Boat Paint, Building Co... Application Method: Spray State: Powder Coating
Brand Name: ZHENHENG colors: green,blue,yellow,white,black,grey, etc 
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:Carton packing with liner of double polyethylene bags, Net weight 25kg each
Delivery Detail:20 days
Polyester paint for indoor and outdoor use

high quality low price
recyclable use
interior and exterior use

  polyester paint for indoor and outdoor use


Characteristics:tough, durable, high gloss, good weather resistance of coating film, and has excellent exterior durability, heat resistance and excellent resistance to corrosion and powder performance.

Application:Applicable to the highway Rails, railway rails, windproof NET, galvanized metal, aluminum castings have a good effect, electrical equipment, heating and ventilation equipment, bicycles, auto parts, farm implements, various types of signs, commodity hardware, aluminium, construction Steel Windows, air conditioner and other outdoor products, appliances, surface coating


Technical index

Item Index
 Density Loose no agglomeration, color uniformity
 Level and melting foreign currency liquidityf0 (1.4~1.8)g/cm3, colors
 Fineness of pulverization (23~28)mm, depending on technical
 Bin stability 24 months
 Curing condition (160~200)°C/(20~10)min

Coating performance

Test items Index
 colors Color plate standard
 Appearance Smooth
 Thickness of film (50-70)um

High gloss>81%,

 Impact resistance0\lin >4.9J
 Cupping test> 0\lin >7mm
 Cross hatch adhesion Class 0
 Scratch hardnessin Pass 4kgright
 Pencil hardnessin0\lin (1-2)H
 Flexibility 2mm
 Water tolerance Water tolerance
 Salt spray resistancet 1000h, no bubble, peeling or rust
 Acid resistance (10%HCL) 300h,no bubble or soften
 Alkali resistance (10%NaOH) 300h,no bubble, peeling or soften
 Humidity& heat resistancelch\f 1000h, no bubble, peeling or rustf
 Artificial accelerated aging,1000h >different levels

Light resistance,240h

(QUV rate of aging and loss of light)
 Weather resistance No changes


a) Below 35°C

b) In dry, venting, clean indoor

c) Keep away from fire and heating

d) With coverage

e) If the stored time is more than 24 month, it must be tested before use

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Located in NO.3, Xingsheng Road, Machangtun Village,Raoyang County, Hebei, China, our factory is the leading supplier of fences powder coating in local area. Since built in 1993, our factory has been keeping catching with the modern technology, producing high quality powder coating, and enjoys good reputation both at home and abroad.