Potassium Lactate food grade 60.0%

Brief Description
CAS No.: 996-31-6 Other Names: Potassium 2-hydroxypropanoate MF: CH3CHOHCOOK
Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Grade Standard: Food Grade Purity: 60.0%
Appearance: Colorless to slightly yellowish vis... Application: food additive 
Potassium Lactate food grade 60.0%

Potassium Lactate CAS: 996-31-6 60.0%
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Potassium Lactate CAS: 996-31-6  60.0%

Chemical name Potassium 2-hydroxypropanoate
CAS number 996-31-6
EU E326
Description Colorless to slightly yellowish viscous liquid, it has a mild saline taste, odorless or with a slight, characteristic odor
Molecular formula CH3CHOHCOOK
Molecular weight 128.17
Density (at 20oC) 1.32-1.35/g/mL
pH (20% fresh aqueous solution) 6.0-8.0
Colour, fresh Max 30Apha
Assay Min 60.0%
Chloride Max 50ppm
Sulphate Max 20ppm
Sodium Max 0.1%
Heavy metals Max 10ppm
Lead Max 2ppm
Arsenic Max 3ppm