Propane R290 refrigerant gas

Brief Description
CAS No.: 74-98-6 Other Names: propane MF: CH3CH2CH3
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland) Grade Standard: Industrial Grade Purity: 99.9%
Appearance: colorless Application: For refrigerant, for central air c... Brand Name: LH-R290
Model Number: 30LB  
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:6kg/30LB, 10kg/50LB, 11kg/50LB Repeat refillable cylinders 50kg/118L, 200kg/400L 400kg/800L, 450kg/926L Tank: 24m3/10t Tank car: 23t
Delivery Detail:10-15days
Propane R290 refrigerant gas

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Propane R290

Quality indicators

Propane content  %  ≥       99.5

Sulfur content   %  ≤        1

Moisture       %   ≤       0.001

Residue        %   ≤       0.01

Appearance                  colorless

Odor                        no foreign odor

Physical properties

Molecular formula             CH3CH2CH3

Molecular weight              44.10

Boiling point °C               -42.1

Absolute pressure (25°C)Mpa     0.95

Liquid density (25°C) kg/m3      0.49

Critical pressure Mpa            4.25

Critical temperature °C           96.7

ODP                          0

GWP                          0.01


For refrigerant, for central air conditioning, heat pump, air conditioning

And other small household refrigeration equipment, replacement of HCFC-22

Also can be used for metal gas


One-time use of packing

5KG/3LB 6KG/LB 10KG/LB 11KG/50LB

Reusable cylinder

50kg/118l 164kg/400l 328kg/800 400kg/926l

Tank: 24m3/10t

Tank car: 20t