Protective powder coating powder paint

Brief Description
Other Names: Thermosetting electrostatic sprayi... Place of Origin: Hebei China (Mainland) Main Raw Material: polyester
Usage: Appliance Paint, Boat Paint, Building Co... Application Method: Spray State: Powder Coating
Brand Name: ZHENHENG colors: green,blue,yellow,white,black,grey, etc 
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:Carton packing with liner of double polyethylene bags, Net weight 25kg each
Delivery Detail:20 days
Protective powder coating powder paint

durable, good weather resistance,
excellent exterior durability,
high gloss,
heat resistance and anti-corrision

Why us? Facts speak louder:

  • carefully caculation for composition
  • advance technology equipment
  • strict quality control
  • superior quality

 Technical index

Item Index
 Density Loose no agglomeration, color uniformity
 Level and melting foreign currency liquidityf0 (1.4~1.8)g/cm3, colors
 Fineness of pulverization (23~28)mm, depending on technical
 Bin stability 12 months
 Curing condition (160~200)°C/(20~10)min

Coating performance

Test items Index
 colors Color plate standard
 Appearance Smooth
 Thickness of film (50-70)um

High gloss>81%,

 Impact resistance0\lin >4.9J
 Cupping test> 0\lin >7mm
 Cross hatch adhesion Class 0
 Scratch hardnessin Pass 4kgright
 Pencil hardnessin0\lin (1-2)H
 Flexibility 2mm
 Water tolerance Water tolerance
 Salt spray resistancet 1000h, no bubble, peeling or rust
 Acid resistance (10%HCL) 300h,no bubble or soften
 Alkali resistance (10%NaOH) 300h,no bubble, peeling or soften
 Humidity& heat resistancelch\f 1000h, no bubble, peeling or rustf
 Artificial accelerated aging,1000h >different levels

Light resistance,240h

(QUV rate of aging and loss of light)
 Weather resistance No changes
  • wide applications