Refrigerant gas R410A

Brief Description
CAS No.: Refrigerant Gas R410A Other Names: Refrigerant R410A Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)
Purity: more than 99.9 Classification: High Purity Reagents Brand Name: SNOW POWER
Model Number: Refrigerant Gas R410A  
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:Packing: Disposable steel cylinder: 11.3kg/25lbs Recyclable steel cylinder: 800kg/926L
Delivery Detail:10DAYS
Refrigerant gas R410A

our refrigerant gas have our own brand SNOW POWER. It is pure gas with high quality and very nice outlook of the packing.

R410A Refrigerant is a new kind of refrigerant which is more friendly to the environment.

R410A Refrigerant Specifications:
1) Product: mixed refrigerant R410A
2) Molecular weight: 72.58
3) Boiling point: -51.6°C
4) Critical temperature: 72.5°C
5) Critical pressure: 4.95MPa
6) Density of saturated liquid (30°C): 1.038g/cbm
7) Specific heat of liquid (30°C): 1.78kJ/kg.K
8) Specific heat of equal pressure steam (Cp) (30°C and 101.3KPa):
9) ODP: 0.000
10) Vaporization heat under boiling point: 256.7kJ/kg
11) Purity: ≥99.8%
12) Moisture: ≤10ppm
13) Acidity: ≤1ppm
14) Residue on evaporation: ≤100ppm
15) Critical density: 0.500g/cbm
16) Appearance: colorless, not cloudy

Disposable steel cylinder: 11.3kg/25lbs
Recyclable steel cylinder: 800kg/926L

Kevin Shu/Sales Manager