SCI-6100 Crystal Pearl Silvery Pearl Pigment use in pen,pencil

Brief Description
CAS No.: 12001-26-2 Other Names: SCI-6100 Crystal Pearl Silvery Pea... Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)
Usage: Ceramic Pigments, Coating Pigment, Cosme... Brand Name: SCI Model Number: 6100
Type: Synthetic Mica Style: Inorganic Pigment Raw material: Natural Mica
Partcile size: 10-60 Mesh: 400 Color: Crystal Pearl silvery
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:25 kgs per drum, 25kgs per carton
Delivery Detail:Within two weeks
SCI-6100 Crystal Pearl Silvery Pearl Pigment use in pen,pencil

SCI-6100 Crystal Pearl Silvery Pearl Pigment is anatase, bright pearl luster, widely used, it can use in stationery etc.

SCI pearl pigment is a new inorganic pigment which has the capacity to show the elegant luster
and color of the natural pearl, shell, butterfly, fish and metal.
It is nontoxic, heat-resistant, light-resistant, non-reactive,non-change color etc, these virtues make
SCI pearl pigment to be a most distinctive and promising new type of pearl pigment in the present age.

Basic attribute:

1. Component: synthetic mica.
2. Partice sizes: 10-60um, mesh: 400
3. Color: crystal pearl silvery
4. Brand: SCI
5. Quality: high grade
6. Certificate: SGS, MSDS, REACH, ISO9001-2008


1. No electric conduction
2. Non toxicity
3. PH value: 6-9
4. High temperature, better coverage
5. Good dispersibility
6. Excellent chemical stability
7. Harmless to skin and environment
8. Odorless
9. Non-change color
10. Non-fade
11.Heat resistant
12.Good weatherability
13.Acid-alkali resistant
14.Oil absorb:60-90g/100g

 Our product series:

  SCI-100 Silvery white series

  SCI-200 Iridescent series

  SCI-300 Golden series

  SCI-400 Coloring  series

  SCI-410 Magic color series

  SCI-500 Mica ferrous metal color series

  SCI-6000 Crystal synthesizes series

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  SCI-8000 Special Metals color result Series

  SCI-9000 Super Weather Resistance Series

 If you want to use pearl pigment in stationery, we recommend you use SCI-6000 Crystal series, because of this series is the best magic effect of all.

SCI pearlescent pigment has some features,such as: bright pearlescent luster,safety and non toxicity,high temperature resistance,acid and alkali resistance, excellent chemical stability,good weatherability,good dispersibility and compatibility and so on.It is wide used in coatings for household electric appliance,automobile,motorbike,bicycle and architecture and also used in some products such as cosmetic, plastic, printing ink, leather, rubber, toy, stationery, etc. Pearlescent pigment can give your products the luster of pearl, can make your products more colorful and beautiful.

Now we are export to Europe, Asia, South America etc,our product of pigment are widely used in various industries such as cosmetic, paint, plastic, ink, printing, dyeing, ceramic etc. With the high quality and competitive price, we win the good reputation in this field in China.

ISO9001-2008 Certification: