Seedling transplantation of super absorbent polymers

Brief Description
Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland) Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Agriculture G... Purity: 100
Appearance: white powder Application: Seedling transplantation Brand Name: XH
Model Number: XH-NL10  
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:20kg/kraft bag,25kg/kraft bag,700kg/kraft bag
Delivery Detail:7-10 days after payment done
Seedling transplantation of super absorbent polymers

1.Save water and time more about plants
4.increase production

The soil moisture retention agent is  a new functional macromolecule water-absorbent material developed and produced with new technologies.With a large number of hydrophilic radicals and the outstanding molecular structure,the product is able to absorb moisture of which the weight is several hundred times over its deadweight,and it can repeatedly absorb moisture and slowly release it.Therefore,it builds tiny reservoirs around the plant roots in the soil to maintain a damp environment and effectively enhance the  soil moisture and fertilizer retention and utilization.Meanwhile,it can also improve the soil structure and increase the soil permeability,thus creating good environment for plants.
The product can function repeately in the soil to maintain the siol permeability and prevent soil hardening in a long period.It is good for soils and free of any pollution,thus improcing the original ecological environment.
The industrial production of this product leads to significants applications in drought relief for cereal crops,fruit trees and vegetables in arid and semi-arid regions,preservation of ftrsh flowers,garden landscaping in urban areas,reduction of pasture ecosystem degradation resulted from drought,and desert vedetation protection.

1.High Safety

Xinhao agroforestry absorbent polymer, an eco-friendly product, has a neutral pH value and no unhealthy matter when released, and is nontoxic and harmless to the environment and plants through the toxicological identification by authoritative organizations; and it cannot run off with rainwater after it is released into water, and can be naturally degraded and reduced into ammonium nitrogen, water and a small amount of potassium ions after one year, so it plays an active role in improving the soil.

2. Functions of Water Absorption and Water Release

Xinhao agroforestry absorbent polymer, with strong water absorbing capacity and high water absorbency, can absorb 400 to 500 times the self-weight of pure water, and in actual production, can quickly absorb and store the irrigation water and rainwater to form a “micro-reservoir” and depend on the “micro-reservoir” to perform the recycle of “absorbing water when there is water, releasing water when there is no water”, namely on the one hand, the water retention capacity of the product is between 13 and 14kg/cm2, the product has strong external physical pressure resistance, and the absorbed moisture cannot be extruded by general physical methods, so the evaporation, leakage and loss of the moisture can be effectively prevented; and on the other hand, the water absorbing capacity of general plant root systems is between 16 and 17kg/cm2, so its root can easily absorb the needed moisture from the “micro-reservoir” when certain plant is short of water.

3. Functions of Fertilizer Absorption and Fertilizer Maintenance

The traditional fertilizer application method makes many fertilizers decomposed, volatilized or wasted along with the loss of the moisture when the fertilizers are not absorbed by plants yet. Xinhao agroforestry absorbent polymer not only can absorb 400 to 500 times of pure water, but also can absorb about 100 times the self-weight of urea, so the fertilizer can be fixed in the soil to be slowly released, the loss of the fertilizer is greatly reduced, and the effective period of the fertilizer is also prolonged; therefore, it has a dual fertilizer maintenance function.

4. Soil-improving Function

Xinhao agroforestry absorbent polymer can make soil form an aggregate, soft and ventilate porous structure because its particles expand after water absorption and shrink after water release, which meets the demand of crops on the moisture and also improves the permeability of clay and the water retention capacity of sandy soil. In addition, after being doped into the soil, the product, with high moisture, improves soil moisture content, reduces thermal conductivity, and can reduce the daytime temperature of the soil by 1 to 4 °C and raise the night temperature of the soil by 2 to 4°C to effectively shorten the day and night temperature difference, which is favorable not only for the growth of the crops but also for the improvement of the soil.

5. Broad Applicability

It can be used for horticultural crops and green plants, with quick response. The anti-season pycnometric plantation and the immediate planting afforestation can be performed.