Sodium Alginate food grade weight loss

Brief Description
CAS No.: 9005-38-3 Other Names: Polysaccharide MF: (C6-H7-Na-O6)X
EINECS No.: Not assigned FEMA No.: N Place of Origin: Japan
Type: Stabilizers, Thickeners Brand Name: KIMICA Model Number: HV
CHEMICAL FAMILY: Polysaccharide  
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:20kg/BAG
Delivery Detail:on requested.
Sodium Alginate food grade weight loss

1) Gelling agent
2) Coagulant
3) Weight loss
4) Thickening agent
5) Dispersion stabilizer

High Quality Sodium Alginate; food grade weight loss

Alginate is a polysaccharide that is found in brown algae at levels of 30-60% on a dry weight basis.

Alginate is a dietary fibre. Alginic acid forms in tha body of living kelp and combines with a variety of minerals from sea-water to form a soft gel.

Alginate gives both flexibility and strength to growing sea plants.

The M/G ratio and block-structure influences the properties of alginate solutions especially the gelling ability and resulting gel strength. The ratio varies as a result of : kelp species, the part of the plant, where the plant was grown and the season it was harvested.

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   20kg/ Paper bags

Various Type os ALGINATE


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