Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin

Brief Description
CAS No.: 11006-34-1 MF: C34H29CuN4Na3O7 EINECS No.: 248-950-7
Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland) Type: Electrolyte Balance and Dialysis Agents, ... Grade Standard: Food Grade, Medicine Grade, Pro...
Brand Name: Passiono Model Number: no Purity: EI%1cm405nm≥536.8(95%)
Appearance: Dark green powder  
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Packaging Detail:25kg/drum=25*1kg/bag(Aluminum Foil Bag) or packing according to yours requirement
Delivery Detail:1 to3 days or as soon as possible
Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin

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Product Name: Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin    

CAS No. : 11006-34-1                    

EINECS No.: 248-950-7

Molecular Formula: C34H29CuN4Na3O7

Function: Sodium copper chlorophyllin is stabilized chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a ubiquitous green plant pigment that supports the process of converting solar energy and carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbohydrates.It has strong antibacterial action, and clears up odors of putrefaction effectively. It has been used in surgery, in ulcerative carcinoma, in head colds, acute rhinitis and rhinosinusitis, and chronic ear infections and inflammations. It has also been used for Diabetic leg ulcers, contagious impetigo (a scabby, pustular skin eruption), rectal sores, vaginitis, and infection of the uterine cervix.



Dark green powder



Extinctiom ratio:










Residue on ignition,%:


Loss on drying,%:


Test for fluorescence:


Total copper,%:


Free copper,%:


Chelated copper,%:


Nitrogen content,%:


Sodium content,%:




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