Soil Sterilization -- Dazomet

Brief Description
Classification: Fungicide, Herbicide, Nematicid... CAS No.: 533-74-4 Other Names: Basamid
MF: C5H10N2S2 Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland) State: Granular
Purity: 98% Application: control soil-borne organisms, such... Brand Name: zlst
Model Number: 98% Appearance: Off-white granules 
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Packaging Detail:20kg/bags 600kg/bags
Delivery Detail:15-20 days after confirm your order
Soil Sterilization -- Dazomet

1.Professional manufacturer
2.Has been registered for dazomet in China
3.Alternatives to Methyl Bromide

Dazomet is a broad-spectrum soil fumigant, whose active ingredient generates gaseous methyl isothiocyanate (MITC) in the presence of adequate soil moisture. can effectively control soil-borne organisms, such as nematodes, fungi, bacteria, insects, weed seeds, and weeds.

Dazomet provides an excellent alternative means of soil fumigant in view of the phasing out of methyl bromide.


Alternatives to MB proposed by UNEP MBTOC

-----Dazomet 98%G(CAS:533-74-4)

Our factory :

Company standard           :Q/320601PH19

Product permit              :HNP32108-F0019

Certificate for pesticide registration:PD20070013


  1. Greenhouse
  2. Seed breeding base
  3. Seedbed,nursery(vetgetbales,tobacco,flowers,ginseng,turf etc)
  4. Years of soil planted with crop
  5. The wood treatment industry in Austrilia and Canada


Fungi, bacteria, nematodes, weeds and insects.


The early use can prevent nematode lesions, year after year after use, with anti-cropping to reduce soil-borne diseases in the two-way effect.macrophage strains can survive in the soil, but also a healthy growth environment of plants


1.Soil preparation:

Rotatiller the soil to 30 cm depth. It will help the fumigants to move uniformly in the soil.


30-45grams/ Square meters with proposals for a serious condition to increase the application rate sheet.

3.Soil moisture:

General ly,soil should be at 60% field capacity when you fumigate.Not too dry nor too wet.


Optimal temperatures ensure that the target pests are ‘actively’, making them a better target for fumigants. Ideally, soil temperature should be between 15-20°C at the soil depth of 15 cm.

5.Plastic sheets:

The thick of plastic film recommended is 0.04 mm original film. Recycled film is not recommended.when covering plastic sheets, all of the fields should be covered.

6.Impact of weather:

Do not fumigate under extreme weather conditions.

Fumigation after a major rainfall event or in low temperatures is not allowed (e.g. <10°C) because this can slow down the fumigant movement in the soil. In extreme cases this could result in crop losses from fumigant phytotoxicity.              

7.Planting time after fumigation:

Planting times can vary greatly depending on the particular fumigant and soil conditions (moisture levels and soil temperature).

Planting time after fumigation

Soil temperatures

Plastic film covering times

Planting after fumigation













Uses          :Dazomet is an excellent soil sterilant of high efficiency,low-toxicity and no-residue environmentally.when dazomet is applied to wet soil,it will generate Methyl isothiocyanate gas which will quickly expand between soil particles and effective kill nematode,silborne pathogen (epiphyte and bactericide),soil insect,annual weed seeds etc,after application of dazomet,the soil can %be cleaned is the most applicable and effective to the plants which can be plant the all year around.