Tea Fertilizer

Brief Description
Classification: Organic Fertilizer Type: Humic Acid Other Names: fertilizer
Place of Origin: Guangxi China (Mainland) Release Type: Quick State: Liquid
Application: all kinds of plant. Brand Name: Penshibao 
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:Packing in 5kg/bottle,or pack as per the requriments of the customer.
Delivery Detail:Immediately
Tea Fertilizer

1.We can supply the high quality fertilizing
2.fit for farming and agric purposes
3.through ISO9001&14001

Technical Specifications

-Organic substances ≥ 80g/L;

N+P2O5+K2O ≥ 170g/L

(Elements of a single content ≥ 10.0g / L);

- Mn+Zn+ B ≥ 30g/L (Element sole content≥2g/L)

Usage instructions and effects

Dilute a packet (10 ml) in 15- 30 liters of clean water.


Application period

Effectiveness of performance

Sweet pepper/ hot pepper/ egg plant/tomato…

Seedlings stage

Growth stage

fruiting period

more and good fruit

Strong disease resistance

Early maturity

Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Melon…

Seeds dressing

after transplant

growth period

fruiting period

Big melons

Sweet melons

Good fruit appearance

winter melon

Cucumber, Luffa, Balsam pear…

Seeds dressing

after transplant

growth period

fruiting period

More and good fruit

Less abnormal

Strong disease resistance

Early maturity


Seedlings stage

Growth stage

Once every 7-10 days

Rapid Growth

ore and good fruit

Early maturity

Rape crops

Seedlings stage

Bud stage

After blossoming stage

pods period


Seed soaking stage

Flower bud stage.

Young bell period

Pest control period



Before blossoming stage

After blossoming stage

-Pest control period

Increase output

Consistent size


1-Seed Dressing: One packet (10 ml) for 4-8 kg seeds to wet, and cover for 4-10 hours, sow after short airing. Can improve the germination and the plant survival rate; prevent disaster and active plant disease-resistance.

2-The product was non-hormone, can be used multiple times.

3- Can be use in conjunction with the basic pesticide.


1-the best time for spraying is in the cloudy weather or just after 3 p.m. in the fine weather. Avoid sun exposure that can cause the rapid evaporation and the loose of drug efficacy.

2-it must be sprayed on the leaves, and if it rains within six (6) hours after spraying, re-spray once more.

3-do not sprays when the plants are flowering, so as not to interfere with pollination. And do not be mixed with alkaline pesticides.

4-“Penshibao”may sediment in the vial, shake to dissolve before open.

5-after diluted to desired concentration (Usage Instructions) the solution should be fully used within one day.

6-Keep in the cool and ventilated place.