Tobacco Fertilizer

Brief Description
Classification: Biological Fertilizer Other Names: Special fertiliser Place of Origin: Guangxi China (Mainland)
Release Type: Quick State: Liquid Application: Tobacco plants
Brand Name: Penshibao  
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:Packing in 10ml/pouch ,or pack as per the requirements of the customer .
Delivery Detail:Immediately
Tobacco Fertilizer

1.Highly disease-resistance
2.improve quality and enhance fragrance
3.promote the leaf's lenience and flexibility.

Product Features

Suitable for the growth of tobacco from the seedling period to the maturity, Base on advanced technology, the product contain such elements: potassium, boron, zinc, manganese and other rich elements necessary for the tobacco growth, can effectively raise the tobacco disease resistance, such as anthrax, good yellow tier tobacco, and easy baking.

Usage instructions and effects

Application period

Application instructions

Agronomic traits


Dilute a packet (10 ml) in 15-30 liters of clean water and spray once or twice each 10 days.

Promotes seedling

Improve plant survival rate

Promote new leaf growth

young plants

Dilute a packet (10 ml) in 15 liters of clean water and spray.

Promote root growth

Robust tobacco plant

Enhance disease resistance

Flourishing stage

Dilute a packet (10 ml) in 15-30 liters of clean water and spray once or twice each 10 days.

good levels yellow luster

Even leaves

high quality leaves

The product used in conjunction with the basic pesticide allow to obtain good results



At the seedling stage add 0.1 grams of root promoter powder to promote root development and to raise the tobacco disease resistance.


1-the best time for spraying is in the cloudy weather or just after 3 p.m. in the fine weather. Avoid sun exposure that can cause the rapid evaporation and the loose of drug efficacy.

2-it must be sprayed on the leaves, and if it rains within six (6) hours after spraying, re-spray once more.

3-do not sprays when the plants are flowering, so as not to interfere with pollination. And do not be mixed with alkaline pesticides.

4-“Penshibao”may sediment in the vial, shake to dissolve before open.

5-after diluted to desired concentration (Usage Instructions) the solution should be fully used within one day.

6-Keep in the cool and ventilated place.

Keeping period: 4 years