Ultra Potent and Safe Disinfectant, PHMG, CAS#57028-96-3

Brief Description
CAS No.: 57028-96-3 Other Names: PHMG-HCl MF: (C7H16N3Cl)n
Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Type: Antimicrobial Polymer Brand Name: ZXCHEM
Model Number: ZXCHEM Purity: 50% Aqueous Solution Appearance: Colorless Liquid
Usage: Disinfectant Feature: No irritation 
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:in 25kg Net PE Drum
Delivery Detail:Within 10-20 days after receipt of PO or payment
Ultra Potent and Safe Disinfectant, PHMG, CAS#57028-96-3

1. Broad spectrum 2. Safe with no irritation
3. High compatibility 4. Cost-effective
5. Patents and technical support

 PHMG is a new generation of disinfectant with a wide scope of applications in water treatment , agriculture,  and food processing plants, kitchens, cosmetics and so on. PHMG has outstanding bactericide, fungicide and virucide properties. 

The reasons that you should use PHMG are as below:

1. Broad Spectrum Biocide: Effective against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, HIV, Candida albicans and other common bacteria, viruses and moulds.

2. Extremly Low Toxicity: PHMG has been recognized as one of the safest disinfectants by the Biocide Directive of the European Union for the following application areas: human hygiene, public and private health areas, veterinary hygiene, food and feed areas, canned preservatives, film preservatives and drinking water, etc. PHMG was tested by the Department of Public health in Helsinki University and in the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, etc. Besides, our product passed SGS testing at 2009 on its antimocrobial effects. And our clients' final products (eg, wet tissues, antibacterial non-woven, sanitary towel,  etc) passed testing by Guangdong Decetion Center of Microbiology, Guangzhou Industry Microbe Test Center.

3.Highly Stable: Stable up to 400 °C, making it an ideal disfectant with most products.

4.Easy to use: Unique aqueous formulation. Simply dilute with water to specific concentration.

5.Low cost:  PHMG is efficient even at very low concentrations (mostly 0.05-0.5%), making it a very cost-effective disinfectant.




Transparent Solution



Content of Main Active Component

PHMG, 50%



pH value



Incombustible & non-explosive


2%PHMG LD 50 > 20000mg/kgBW