Ultra-high pipe

Brief Description
Other Names: uhmw pe Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Purity: absolutely
Appearance: black Brand Name: chao gao Model Number: 65-800 mm
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:By customer's requirements
Delivery Detail:7-21 working days
Ultra-high pipe

1.Wear Resistant:4-7times of steel
2.High impact resistant&corrosion resistant
OD65~800mm WT8~38mm PN0.6~2.0M

UHMWPE(Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) is a kind of engineering thermoplastics polymerized by ethylene&butadiene with more than 2.5 million molecular weight.  

Main Characteristics:

1.Extremely high wear resistance: It's wear resistance is 4-7 times higher than normal steel, 2.3 times of hdpe

2.High impact resistance:Unbroken in Cantilever beam impact test according to GB1843 standards

3.High corrosion resistance: Can withstand 80% hydrochloric acid

4.High-pressuer resistance: Working pressure: 0.6 to 2.0Mpa, can reach 3.0-4.0Mpa if composited  with steel pipe

5.Good self-lubrication: More smooth than  steel or brass with oil

6.The unique resistance to low temperature: Can be used within -269 to 80 degrees Celsius.

7.Not easy to form dirt: It can't form dirt in the medium with PH value of 9 or above

8. Non-toxic: Food grade

9.Long life-span: Can maintain more than 70% mechanical properties after buried and used for 50 years.
10. Easy installation:The weight of unit length of UHMWPE pipe is only 1/8 of steel pipe, it is possible whether welded or connected by flange

Advantages compared with steel pipe:

  . Wear Resistance: 4 to 7 times of  steel pipe

  . Weight:  1/8 light of  steel pipe

  . Corrosion Resistant

  . Self-Lubrication: frication coefficient is 1/6 of steel pipe, discharge capacity is 50% higher than steel pipe

  . Scaleinhibition: hardly to stick deposit, keep long term smooth inner face 

  . Easy to install & maintain

  . long life span: 3 to 6 times of steel pipe, aging period 50 years

UHMWPE pipe also can absorb energy, absorb noise and resist static electricity. It can be colored.


1. Mine & Metallurgy industry: mine powder, mine slurry, tails delivery etc.
2. Coal industry: for pulverized coal and coal-water slurry of coal preparation plant
3. Chemical industry: mud and corrosive medium with slag delivery
4. Water Treatment
5. Sea & River engineering:
sea water desalinization, bunder slurry & sand dredging
6. Food industry:
  grain & flour transport etc.