XY-105 high gloss marble crystallization powder

Brief Description
CAS No.: none Other Names: marble crystal powder Place of Origin: Fujian China (Mainland)
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade Purity: 100% Appearance: powder
Application: crystallization Brand Name: XY Model Number: XY-105
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:Standard export carton packing
Delivery Detail:within 1 week after received the payment
XY-105 high gloss marble crystallization powder

1.marble polishing powder
2.for wet grinding & fine polishing for stone surface that lost gloss
marble crystallization powde

High gloss marble crystallization powder ( white crystal powder,marble polishing powder):


1.Marble crystal power XY-105 for marble use .

2.Applicable to wet grinding and fine polishing for the stone surface that lost gloss.

3.Repair the attrited surface of floor and reproduce the luxury gloss again.

4.Prevention besmirch infiltration, prevent scratch, prevent slippery.

2.Working area:100-200m2/kg.

3.Time keeping:2-12months according to hardness of stone and visitors flow rate.

4.Packing:2kg or 5kg per barrel.

5.Storage:save in the dry place.Save Period:2years.

6.Warning:It is harmful when breathing in,skin exposure or deglutition.In case of contact with eyes,please wash with plenty of water,seek medical assistance immediately.

7.Distinguish the healthy and harmfulness:                                   

Access  pathway: eye, skin touch 

Result of acute touch:

 Eye: Without any Corrosivity, Use the water to wash

 Skin: Without any Corrosivity, Non stimulation    

 Swallow: Without any Corrosivity, Non 

 Hand: No special precautions necessary

How to use XY-105 :

1. sweep the floor to remove loose floor debris.

2. Make sure that the floor is free from wax and dirt by stripping it with a wax stripper solution and black stripping pad.

3. Rinse or damp mop the floor with clean water thoroughkly ,making sure there is no residueof stripper solution left on the floor  .

4. On a two (2) to three (3) square meter area,spread 2 to 4 tablespoonfuls of powder and 150 to 250 ml of water directly on the marble floor .

5. Place a low speed (175to 300rpm) floor polisher with red polishing pad on top of the marble crystalizer powder and buff the floor .

6. Do not allow the solution to dry .keep it wet  by adding 100 to 150ml water regularly.

7. Using a floor squeegee ,inspect the area being crystallized after 4 to 5 minutes and check if the marble has reacted already.

8. If the marble exhibits a wet look gloss already ,transfer the used solution on adjacent untreated area by using the floor squeegee.

9. Rinse the finished area well with mop and clean water .

10.To maximize the product ,re-use the solution from step 8 for a few more minutes on the adjacent untreated area before picking it up with a wet vaccum or mop .place new marble crystalizer and water on this area and repeat steps 4to 10.

11.After the entire floor has been crystallied ,damp mop or scrub the floor   (with a clean red pad)and clean water .let dry .

12.Remove the remaining marble crystalizer powder residue from the floor by dry buffing the floor .

13.This is done by placing a thick ,round circular cloth under the polisher and dry buff ing the entire area.