Zinc rich powder coating supplier

Brief Description
Other Names: powder paint Main Raw Material: Epoxy Usage: Appliance Paint, Boat Paint, Building Co...
Application Method: Spray State: Powder Coating Brand Name: feihong
Model Number: fh3002 thermoseting: pure polyester 
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:20kg/carton
Delivery Detail:4~15 days
Zinc rich powder coating supplier

Excellent corrosion resistance
Film integrity
good surface hardness
No solvent
good flow & free sample

Jinhu color powder coating Co Ltd provide with zinc rich primer powder coating

zinc Rich Primer Powder Coating  is a zinc rich epoxy based thermosetting powder coating designed to inhibit rust and adhesion loss on ferrous metals, which is designed as an undercoat for powder topcoats. It can also be used as a functional topcoat where appropriate. 


Excellent corrosion resistance
Film integrity
Very good surface hardness
No solvent or emissions
Very good flow
Good chemical resistance


Sacrificial layer increasing service life
Long intact life of coating
Hard wearing / serviceable finish
Less waste and pollution to the environment
Excellent filler for topcoats
Excellent corrosion protection


Zinc Rich Primer Powder Coating has been specifically designed for coatings over ferrous metals as a sacrificial coating. Suggestions for use include ironwork, street and garden furniture, gas cylinders and tanks, agricultural machinery, transport (trailers), valves, and  transformers.

1 Mechanical property

Testing items

Standards and methods

Inspecting index

impact strength

GB/T1732-1993, AS3715 2.8  


Bending resistance

GB/T1185-88, AS1580 402.1, ISO9227    

   Pass 2-5 millimeters


GB/T9286-88,2mm Cross cut, ISO2409 

Pass100/100, passes 0 levels

Cupdrawing:Erichsen, ISO1520  

Erichsen, ISO1520    

Pass 3-7 millimeters

Pencil hardness

GB/T6739-86, Mitsubishi 

Pass H-2H

2 Chemical resistance and weather resistance

Salt spray test

GB/T1771-91,500 hours

  The cross section of corrosion less than 2MM

Hot and damp resistance test

the GB/T17740-79(89),1000 hours 

Without air bubbles, loses the light slightly

Acid resistance

10% CH3COOH, 240 hours 

Without air bubbles, the surface without damage 

Alkali resistance

10% NaOH, 240 hours

Without air bubbles, the surface without damage

Heat resistance

200degree,1 hour 

The color change is lower than E=1.5

Solvent resistance

MEK24 hours soaked in solvent-free

Without air bubbles, the surface without damage


QUV-313,500 hours

Gloss higher than 80% lower than the Munsell color change level

Water tolerance of

2 hours

No bubble, not falling, losing light