chemical SAP(Super Absorbent Polymers) for cable material,water absorbent polymer

Brief Description
Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland) Grade Standard: Industrial Grade, Agriculture G... Purity: 100
Appearance: white powder Application: cable material Brand Name: XH
Model Number: XH-G150  
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:20kg/kraft bag,25kg/kraft bag,700kg/kraft bag
Delivery Detail:7-10 days after payment done
chemical SAP(Super Absorbent Polymers) for cable material,water absorbent polymer

2.Excellent water holding capacity
3.High water absorbent capacity


Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP) is a kind of resin materials that does not dissolve in water.It can absorb water that weighs several times or even thousands of times than itself,and has a good ability of performance,good quality,and stronger capacity og absorbency;it can hold more water,and has good water-retention effect with less reversing osmosis;it is tasteless,mom-toxicity,non-corrosive-effects,non-irritant-effects,environmental-friendly,healthy,and safe.With the principle of customer first and quality first , the welcome general customers inquire negotiations.

Chemical Properties

The XH-G150type is acrylic acid copolymer with moderate cross-linking and partial neutralization.


The XH-G150 type is white and tasteless granules in appearance.


The XH-G150 type, super absorbent polymer which is made of sodium polyacrylate and is mainly applied to water blocking tapes and rubber products, has a unique body structure and excellent hydrophilic groups, has the characteristics of high water absorbing capacity, strong water retention property and high expansion rate, and has good biodegradation performance. It is also difficult to lose water under heated and pressurized conditions. It has good stability on light, heat, acid and base. Compared with traditional absorbent materials, it has obvious advantages.

Product Index

Particle size range (%)
Deionized water absorbing capacity (ml/g)
Deionized water retention rate (ml/g)
Saline water absorbing capacity (ml/g)(0.9%NaCl) (g.g-1)
Saline water absorbing capacity under pressure (0.9%NaCl,0.7psi) (g.g-1)

Saline water absorbing speed (2g of SAP absorbs 50g of 0.9%NaCl)
water retention capacity after centrifugation (0.9%NaC1) (g.g-1)

Water content (wT%)

pH value

Residual monomer amount (PPm)
Gel strength
Expansion height at 20 °C when tested by deionized water (mm/min)

100-150 meshes

≥15mm/l min



Product Performance

The XH-G150 type has excellent water absorbing property, and can improve the dryness and leak resistance of hygienic products. For those hygienic products which have higher requirement on the water retention property, the XH-I type has outstanding performance.

Product Safety

The acrylic acid polymer SAP is considered as an article which is nontoxic and non-stimulant to human skin and cannot cause the allergy through extensive testing across the globe, and no harm is found to the environment through the tests on various organisms.


The XH-G150 type is packaged by a three-layer composite bag, 20kg/bag, 25kg/bag.


It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry storehouse, has a storage period of three years since the day of production, and can still be used when qualified through the inspection.