chitosan pesticide organic fertilizer

Brief Description
Classification: Nematicide CAS No.: 3990 Other Names: chitosan
Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland) State: Liquid Purity: Chitosan>=30g/L,N>=50Gg/L
Application: to prevent and kill nematodes Brand Name: jingling Model Number: ,500g,250g
product: chitosan pesticide organic fertilizer: bio-organic fertilizer form: liquid
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:The chitosan pesticide liquid should be packed by barrels or bottles.
Delivery Detail:30days
chitosan pesticide organic fertilizer

1.Prevent and eradicating disease.
2.Increase production and improving quality.


Chitosan pesticide  organic fertilizer




1.Chitosan pesticide organic fertilizer can prevent and eradicating disease.

that is to say, preventing and eradicating bacterial disease,controling  fruit cracking,fruit rust.having good effects with wilt and virus disease.

2.Chitosan pesticide can increase production and improving quality.activing the cells,promoting growth,improving crop's immunity,resisting the infestation of fungi,bacteria, virus.It has a significant preventive effect to cure the virus disease,fusarium wilt.At last,increasing production and improving quality.

3.Chitosan pesticide can produce  benifitial bacteria to inhit harmful  bacterial.

When applied into the soil,it will cultivate a large number of  actinomycete interested in flora,benificial bacteria secrete a large number of antibiotic substances and chitosan direct inhibition of enzymes Pythium,Rhizoctonia,Fusarium oxysporum fungus,Fusarium etc harmful bacteria.

4.Chitosan pesticide can improve the soil environment,so as to promote the root growth.

It can rapidly improve the soil microbial environment,optimizing the environment for root growth ,so as to reduce the root rot and stem rot,damping-off.

Applying crops:

vegetables,fruit trees,tea,flowers and so on.

Application method:

dilute it with water for 400 to 600 times,sprayed once every 4 to 5 days and used it for 2 to 3 times in a row.
irrigate root:
between 1000g to 2000g per unit of area


2 T

4 kg x 4 barrels/case