humate granules

Brief Description
Classification: Organic Fertilizer Type: Humic Acid CAS No.: ... ...
Other Names: NITROHUMIC ACID; abcolwalnutcrysta... MF: ... EINECS No.: ... ...
Place of Origin: Shanxi China (Mainland) Release Type: Slow State: Granular
Purity: 70%-99% Application: Crop, Turf Grass, Cereal, Beans, C... Brand Name: agrolink
Model Number: HAP-001, HAP-002...... brownish-black: active and high quality leonard... soil-recondtioning: pure organic conditioner
Size: 2-4mm: Strength: 4-6N  
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:20kg or 25kg craft paper bag or plastic woven bag
Delivery Detail:Within 15 days after receive the prepayment or L/C
humate granules

humate granules
1) Organic Matter 85% min
2) HA (dry basis) 70% min
3) FA (dry basis) 3% min
4) Moisture 25% max

humate granules


Fumapearl is a pure organic conditioner in granular form mading from active and high quality leonardite which contains humic acid and fulvic acid. 


1.Stiumalte fertilizer uptake by plant          2.Soil-Recondtioning


HA (dry basis) ≥ 70%

Size: 2-4mm

FA (dry basis) ≥ 3%

Strength: 4-6N

Moisture ≤25%

Organic Matter :≥ 85%



Recommended Application

Turf Grass


   Cereal,Beans Maize

350KG-500KG/HA apply with NPK Fertilizer

Citrus, apple, and other fruits

1-2KG per plant at 3 months interval

Tuber Potato, Sweet Potato Chili, Tomato

10-20KG/m3 as based and 1st application of fertilizer 10-20 KG /m3 as baser

Field Vegetables

The same as above

Green House (tomato, cucumbers)

10-20KG/m3 as based and 1st application of fertilizer


20kg or 25kg craft paper bag or plastic woven bag