naphthalene powder for sale

Brief Description
CAS No.: 91-20-3 Other Names: Naphthalene powder MF: C10H8
Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland) Grade Standard: Industrial Grade Purity: min95%
Appearance: White, Allowed with reddish or yell... Application: Basic chemical raw materials,the r... Brand Name: UN
Model Number: 203 apparence: powder 
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Packaging Detail:50kg/Weaving Bag or According to Customer's requirement
Delivery Detail:a week
naphthalene powder for sale

1.lardge supplier in china
2.Purity: >=95%

1.what is Naphthalene?

Naphthalene is a very important chemical industry raw materials, mainly by its separation to further processing of coal tar, and its relatively high content of coal tar, coal tar content in China, can reach 8 to 12%, which is tar processing important product

2. the terms of the characters, briefing.
White or yellowish crystals, has a strong odor, soluble in ether, methanol, ethanol or chloroform, at room temperature to sublimate, mixed with air can form explosive mixtures, flammable solids, molecular weight 128, density ρ20 1.145g / cm3, the boiling point of 218 °C, melting point 80.2 °C, flash point 80 °C, explosion limits 0.9-5.19%, the natural point of 690 °C, refractive index of 1.58218.

3. The situation of the product process
  Cut from the continuous distillation of coal tar naphthalene oil by the heat exchanger temperature rises to 190 °C into the primary tower. Distillation tower by phenol oil cooled to 130 °C heat back into the CAO, most of the top of the tower back to the early run. Bottom liquid two routes, all the way into the naphthalene tower with pump, pump the other way into the reboiler, the steam and heat generated by naphthalene tower, rising to 225 °C to return when the primary tower. Naphthalene into the top of the steam out of primary tower reboiler, condensation of naphthalene after the tower back into the groove, part of naphthalene as a return to the top of the tower; the other part as a product containing 95% naphthalene out.

4. Use 
     Naphthalene and naphthalene derivatives is an important organic chemical raw material, naphthalene and naphthalene coal tar and petroleum products are usually cracked tar can be extracted, industrial naphthalene, refined naphthalene and methyl naphthalene of the points. Sulfur content of coal tar products of naphthalene, whereas the sulfur content of petroleum products, naphthalene is low, more suitable for production of refined naphthalene, refined methyl naphthalene. In the petrochemical industry, oil cracking process for producing ethylene, ethylene cracker with a large number of co-production of tar, in the past there is no separation of advanced proprietary technology, pyrolysis tar as the production of carbon black in addition to some, the more fuel is used as , resulting in the loss of valuable organic chemical raw material waste. Naphthalene and naphthalene are widely used in synthetic resins, coatings, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, light industry, plastics, additives etc., can be used for making phthalic anhydride, β-naphthol, a-naphthylamine, H acid, nitrile rubber, by plastic agents, dispersants, anticoagulants, etc., should be fully utilized to play a greater economic benefits.

Technique Data



Crystallization Point

White flake or yellow powder

95% Min

78.0°C Min

Ash content

Non-Volatile Matter


0.01% Max

0.04% Max