oil Mixed/Poly Anioniccellulose/additive/chemical

Brief Description
CAS No.: -- Other Names: Poly Anioniccellulose MF: Mixed additives
EINECS No.: -- Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland) Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
Purity: up to you Appearance: -- Application: oil field
Brand Name: JIANXIN Model Number: all size 
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:1. The product is packaged in three-in-one plastic enhanced brown paper bag, with PE bag inside. Its net weight is 25 kg. 2. In transportation, the product should not be exposed to the sun, against moisture and breakage of package, which guarantee period is two years.
Delivery Detail:30 days after
oil Mixed/Poly Anioniccellulose/additive/chemical

Poly anioniccellulose(PAC)

Product Description

Poly anioniccellulose(PAC)is a water soluble cellulose ether, white or light yellow powder, prepared by chemically modified water soluble cellulose ether derivative.
1. Used as thickness increasing agent, latex stabilizer, crystal inhabiting agent, vicosifying agent, bonding agent.
2. Application in oilfield drilling, espically in brine drilling and offshore drilling.
3. Non-toxic, tasteless
4. Soluble in water, well heat-resistant, salt-resistant, well antibacterial property
5. The drilling fluid with the product has good fluid loss control, inhibiting and well temperature toleration
6. Excellent workover and fracture fluid could be prepared
7. The drilling fluid with the product could inhibiting clay and shale dispersion and expansion.

Recommended application method
Used in fresh water, brine and saturated brine drilling fluid
Added at constant speed with filler, agglomeration and spill should be avoided. The dosage is 0.2%-2.0%, adjusted if necessary.

white or light yellow powder
Active constituent content%
Water content %
API fluid loss
Dosage 0.57% ( 2ppb ) ml
Dosage 0.86% ( 3ppb ) ml
Dosage  1.14% ( 4ppb ) ml
Dosage  0.57% ( 2ppb ) Pa
Dosage  0.86% ( 3ppb ) Pa
Dosage  1.14% ( 4ppb ) Pa