p-Hydroxybenzoic acid ethyl ester sodium salt

Brief Description
CAS No.: 35285-68-8 Other Names: p-Hydroxybenzoic acid ethyl ester ... MF: C9H9O3Na
EINECS No.: 252-487-6 Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Type: Anesthetic Agents, Anti-Allergic Agents, ...
Grade Standard: Food Grade, Medicine Grade, Tec... Brand Name: China Model Number: 35285-68-8
Purity: 98.5%-101.5% Appearance: White crystal 
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Packaging Detail:Packing:25kg/fiber drum
Delivery Detail:within 15-20 days after payment
p-Hydroxybenzoic acid ethyl ester sodium salt

p-Hydroxybenzoic acid ethyl ester sodium salt
Packing:25kg/fiber drum
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English name: p-Hydroxybenzoic acid ethyl ester sodium salt, sodium salt
English alias: p-Hydroxybenzoic acid ethyl ester sodium salt; SODIUM ETHYL-P-HYDROXYBENZOATE; SODIUM ETHYL 4-HYDROXYBENZOATE; Sodium 4-ethoxycarbonylphenoxide; Benzoicacid, 4-hydroxy-ethylester, sodiumsalt; Benzoicacid, p-hydroxy-ethylester, sodiumderiv.; ETHYL-P-HYDROXYBENZOATE SODIUM SALT; ETHYL-4-HYDROXYBENZOIC ACID SODIUM SALT; Sodium salt; Ethyl 4-hydroxybenzoate, sodium salt; Sodium Ethylparaben; Ethyl Paraben Sodium; Sodium 4-(ethoxycarbonyl) phenolate; Benzoic acid, 4-hydroxy-ethyl ester, sodium salt (1-1)
CAS number: 35285-68-8
EINECS number: 252-487-6
Formula: C9H9O3Na
Molecular weight: 188.1631
InChI: InChI = 1 / C9H10O3. Na/c1-the 2-12-9 (11) the 7-3-5-8 (10) the 6-4-7; / h3-6, 10 H, 2 H2, h3 1; / q;+ 1
Molecular structure:

Chemical properties:
The product is a white hygroscopic powder. Soluble in water, is basic.
The view Characters: white crystalline powder white crystalline powder
Contain quantity (to stem the article plan) Purity (%) : 99.0-104.0
Sulfur acid salt (SO4 plan) Sulfate (%) : more than 0.12

The solution for clarification Clarity of solution: solution clarification

Product use:
This product is water soluble preservatives, main characteristic is a safe, efficient, broad-spectrum. Widely used in pharmaceutical industry (Chinese herbal medicine, where the preparation of the medical devices; potion disinfection); The food industry (dairy products, salted, drink, fruit juice, jelly, cakes, etc.); Textile industry (textiles, cotton, chemical fiber) corrosion. And other like cosmetics, feed, daily industrial corrosion. 20 kg cardboard barrels, inside the compound aluminum film bag.