pearl pigment for plastic

Brief Description
CAS No.: 12001-26-2 Other Names: pearl pigment for plastic Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)
Usage: Ceramic Pigments, Coating Pigment, Cosme... Brand Name: SCI Type: Mica
Style: Inorganic Pigment Quality: High grade Raw material: Natural mica
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:25kgs per drum, 25kgs per carton
Delivery Detail:Within two weeks
pearl pigment for plastic

non-toxic, high grade,non-reactive, non-change color,
application: plastic, coating, cosmetic, leather,
pottery, and so on.

SCI pearl pigment is a new inorganic pigment which has the capacity to show the elegant luster and color of the natural pearl, shell, butterfly, fish and metal. SCI pearl pigment is a flakiness shape. They consist of natural mica flakes coated with titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide. They impart luster and depth when incorporated into plastics or applied as surface coatings by reflecting and refractioning light.
SCI pearlescent pigment has some features such as bright pearlescent luster,safety and non toxicity,high temperature resistance,acid and alkali resistance, excellent chemical stability,good weatherability,good dispersibility and compatibility and so on.It is wide used in coatings for household electric appliance,automobile,motorbike,bicycle and architecture and also used in some products such as cosmetic, plastic, printing ink, leather, rubber, toy stationery, etc. Pearlescent pigment can give your products the luster of pearl, can make your products more colorful and beautiful.


We are manufacturer of pearl pigment powder in China, we can supply pearl pigment powder with various varieties, such as mica powder, pearl pigment, cosmetic pigment.

Our products have many kinds of useful, they can be used in plastic industry, coating, industry, printing industry, leather industry, pottery and enamel industry.


SCI pearl pigment can be applied to masterbatch,casting,blow moulding,etc transparent of semitransparent plastic resins,because the pearl luster is an effect of vision,Using pearl pgment in the clearer resin will get excellent effects.Although semitransparent resin is a bit muddy,also can get charming and matallic luster effect.The colourful and elegant luster is given new colour field in plastic industry.

In process of plastic,Safety is more imporant to metallic pigment.If using aluminum(silver)powder,gold powder,In the process of mixing plastic with metallic pigment, it will be happened fire and chemical reaction.But pearl pigment is non-metallie pigment and can't react on additives for making plastics, it is very safe, it works in resin process without fading, frosting and melting in resin structure.And can get bright and metallic luster effects and pearl effects.